noun: the fact of being immortal or being famous enough to be remembered for a long time
noun: the quality or state of being immortal, eternal
noun: perpetual life after death

"Could we equate and hold in equation the relations of mind and matter the brain and the body we could live eternally in our bodies there being no depreciation of the physical. But a much higher end is attained for the pure ether is liberated from the crude molecular in our physical organisms, effecting the transmutation of emotional, mental and spiritual forces from crude matter and thereby adding to the finer elements of the universe as well as of our individual souls." [Keely; see PHYSICAL VIBRATIONS]

"Gravity controls the moving universe but man has never known, nor even suspected, that his own immortality and gravity are ONE in their centering of his sensed-body." [Atomic Suicide, page 170]

"So long as music was taught primarily for worship, and to proclaim the immortality of man by the inestimable gift of the Royal Ransomer, it culminated to wonders upon wonders." "Noble teachers yield noble teaching, and from such seed the reaping is noble music. To rear the musician with knightly, faithful, and pure feelings, he must believe in his mission and its reward. The law of his life must be the advancement of his art, or rather God's art, given for the honour of the Deity and the elevation of humanity." "The Apostle Paul tells us that we are to teach one another in music, and the greatest doctor in theology, the mightiest defender of the Faith, has been the giant Handel in his oratorio of The Messiah. We are told that 'the nineteenth century is weary of the religion of Christ,' and the bright smile of the English boy and the sweet face of the English girl are no longer to be gladdened by the teachings of the holy mystery. The Devil is the strongest opponent to music in its right intention." [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Fragments from Dr. Gauntlett's Last Note-book, page 51]

Lao Tzu
"The mystical techniques for achieving immortality are revealed only to those who have dissolved all ties to the gross worldly realm of duality, conflict, and dogma. As long as your shallow worldly ambitions exist, the door will not open. Devote yourself to living a virtuous, integrated, selfless life. Refine your energy from gross and heavy to subtle and light. Use the practices of the Integral Way to transform your superficial worldly personality into a profound, divine presence. By going through each stage of development along the Integral Way, you learn to value what is important today in the subtle realm rather than what appears desirable tomorrow in the worldly realm. Then the mystical door will open. and you can join the unruling rulers and uncreating creators of the vast universe." - [Lao Tzu]

"The entity should keep close to all of those things that have to do with outdoor activities, for it is the best way to keep yourself young - to stay close to nature, close to those activities in every form of exercise that breathes in the deep ozone and the beauty of nature. For you may breathe it into thine own soul, as you would a sunset or a morning sun rising. And see that sometimes - it's as pretty as the sunset!" Cayce (3374-1)

"The Chinese," he says, "reputed so wise, have for three or four thousand years had the folly of believing in the existence, and of seeking out a universal remedy by which they hope to exempt themselves from the necessity of dying. They base themselves on some foolish traditions, concerning some rare persons that are reported to have made gold, and to have lived some ages; there are some very strongly established facts among the Chinese, the Siamese, and other Orientals, concerning those that know how to render themselves immortal, either absolutely, or in such a manner that they can die no otherwise than by violent death." [HPB]

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