Moral Technology

Chapter IV Moral Technology

"Moral Technology is the highest form of technology that will be developed from our time onward during the remaining post-Atlantean epochs. It will then accompany the evolution of the new root-race of humanity in the sixth age of the Earth.

Here the qualitative properties become of equal importance. We had to speak too of the qualities of natural rhythms, an understanding of which will lead science and engineering to the secret of the multiplication of force in machinery by means of sympathetic vibration - a secret known to John Worrell Keely.

What follows then is intended as a technical treatment of the subject of Moral Technology every bit as concrete and objective as a textbook explanation of the functioning of an internal combustion engine. But unlike internal combustion engines, the working of Moral Technology has to be explained in spiritual terms. We have to accustom ourselves to the fact that the principle machines of Moral Technology are essentially etheric machines. What is outwardly perceptible is but the physical substructure."

from "Machines and the Human Spirit" by Paul Emberson. This book can be ordered from
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