law of augmentation and multiplication of force

"If you enter the field of therapeutics and medicine, we find a decided fermentation of new ideas; not among the fossil specimens of antediluvian quackery, but among those who are called "irregulars," because they have the courage to depart from the tracks trodden out by their predecessor. The more intelligent classes of physicians have long ago realized the fact that drugs and medicines are perfectly useless, excepting in cases where diseases can be traced to some mechanical obstruction, in some organ that may be reached by mechanical action. In all other cases our best physicians have become agnostics, leaving nature to have her own way, observing the expectative method, which, in fact, is no method of cure at all, but merely consists in doing no harm to the patient. Recently, however, light, electricity, and magnetism have been employed; so that even in the medical guild the finer forces of nature are taking the place of grossly material, and therefore injurious substances. The time is probably near when these finer forces will be employed universally. Everybody knows that a note struck upon an instrument will produce sound in a correspondingly attuned instrument in its vicinity. If connected with a tuning fork, it will produce a corresponding sound in the latter; and if connected with a thousand such tuning forks, it will make all the thousand sound, and produce a noise far greater than the original sound, without the latter becoming any weaker for it. Here, then, is an augmentation or multiplication of power. If we had any means to transform sound again into mechanical motion, we would have a thousand-fold multiplication of mechanical motion. It would be presumptuous to say that it will not be as easy for the scientists of the future to transform sound into mechanical motion, as it is for the scientist of the present to transform heat into electricity. Perhaps Mr. Keely has already solved the problem. There is a fair prospect that in the very near future, we shall have, in his ethereal force, a power far surpassing that of steam or electricity. Nor does the idea seem to be Utopian if we remember that modern science heretofore only knew the law of the conservation of energy; while to the scientist of the future the law of the augmentation of energy will be unveiled. . . . . As the age which has passed away has been the age of steam, the coming era will be the age of induction. There will be universal rising up of lower vibrations into higher ones, in the realm of motion. Mr. Keely will, perhaps, transform sound into mechanical motion by applying the law of augmentation and multiplication of force." [The Key to the Problems. - Keelys Secrets]

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