Also referred to as Generator, Liberator, Compound Disintegrator for progressively dissociating water into its constituent parts thus multiplying its inherent or latent expansive power or force (pressure) held in abeyance by syntropic forces. Actually, it progressively liberates or releases the latent forces.

"The multiplicator, which may be described in general terms as a series of iron chambers, nearly all of which are of cylindrical form, connected by pipes, and furnished with various cocks and valves, was suspended freely from one of the rafters of the apartment, its bottom being at a distance of about three feet from the floor. The multiplicator complete is about thirty-six inches high, twenty-four inches long, and thirteen inches wide, and of a capacity of seven gallons." [15.21 - Water Dissociation Demonstration]

See especially 15.21 - Water Dissociation Demonstration


PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 14.-A meeting of the Keely motor stockholders was held today at the office of the company, No. 913 Walnut-street. The Treasurer's report showed that $20,120.01 had been received during the year, and $20,105.53 paid out, leaving a cash balance or $10.48 to the treasury. The assets consisted of 12,000 shores of Keely motor stock, 3,000 shares or stock of the Keely Motor Company of Mexico, and the $10.48 In the treasury, while there was due to J. W. Keely for salary $2,500; to the janitor, $17, and on loans $1,003.75. Mr. Enos T. Throop, or New-York, read a long report, in which he gave a history of the motor, and made what he called "a statement of some facts and inferences therefrom." 'The stockholders, he said, had implicit faith in the merits of Mr. Keely’s invention, and had no doubt of its great money value, but they complained that the inventor was unreasonably secretive of the principles and methods of working his apparatus. 'The ''generator", he had assured them, was perfect a year ago: the "multiplicator" was also perfect now, and they considered their demand that the secrets of the machinery should be given them to be perfectly fair and reasonable. They recommended that some intelligent and trustworthy person should be taken into the inventor's confidence and thoroughly taught the handling of the machinery, so that in the case of accident they would not be wholly without a clue to the invention. The report complains at length of Keely's non-communicativenesss and says: "It has been the experience of every one brought into relation with him during the past ten years that any attempt at a serious investigation of his operations as been met on his part with deception and misrepresentation. It is only in general conversation, when his suspicion is not aroused, and in the exhibition of results, that we have been able to satisfy ourselves of the investigations."

In conclusion, the report says: "He has already six or seven phenomena in course of construction, dividing his time between them and those grander fields in the future which are continually opening before his inventive mind. This one thought has absorbed his whole being, and every other wish is swallowed up in it. It is a serious duty we owe to him, to say nothing of ourselves, to use all the means in our power to protect this man from himself. It remains with Mr. Keely to decide whether an honorable adjustment of present difficulties shall be made with the company, or that our successors must push the issue in a court of equity. If the last alternative is forced upon his friends, the consequence of his own folly must fall upon him who will not be governed by the common honesty recognized as the basis of all contracts." The report was adopted, with four dissenting votes, and a series of resolutions expressing confidence in Mr. Keely was passed, with only one vote in the negative. [The New York Times Published December 15, 1881 Copyright @ The NEW York Times]

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