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The Keely Motor Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner November 13, 1895

The Keely motor which has remained in innocuous dessuetude for several years has been revived. A recent telegram from New York says that John Jacob Astor, the millionaire, has interested himself in it. Mr. Keely has been engaged for over twenty years on this new principle of generating motive power.

This force has been said to be as much more marvelous than electricity is more marvelous than steam and compressed air. Other authorities have vehemently denounced it as a fraud.

Mr. Astor visited Keely's laboratory and work shops recently, taking with him Mr. Samuels, the well-known electrician who invented the new electrical storage battery now in Astor's yacht, and who has been interested with Astor in the development of new storage batteries, Samuels said to Astor: "There's no use in our devoting any more time to electricity. Here's something far better. When Keely has constructed his railway traction engine, possessing rights over all the world, and using costless force, and when a patent has been taken out on it, the value of this discovery will be found to be incalculable."

Forty thousand vibrations per second are said by Keely to "overcome gravity." When he achieves 41,000 vibrations he says he has a "lifting force." The most wonderful use to be made, according to the directors who have lately talked with Keely of this new force, is a push engine, which is intended to propel street cars, or vehicles of any kind on earth or water. This is described as being a cylinder 18 x 8 inches, approximately, boxed up in a portable form. This box is to be fastened to the front platform of any vehicle, and, without any gearing or wire connection, or connection between the box and wheels, the energy generated in the box is to turn the wheels and push the vehicles along. Some time next year, it is expected, people will be able to get light, heat and power in their homes and factories at a trifling cost.

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