Intent, Focus, Purpose.

This ideal pressure-producing substance is the driving medium for powering the centrifugal Repulsators, which ur-generate the bio-electromagnetic vacuum, the most powerful suctional force of Nature's that could ever be imagined. These centrifugal Repulsators are described in the patent application at the Reich's Patent Office in Berlin[21]. Their more detailed description will be undertaken at an appropriate moment in the future. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

study of the natural sciences, as we progress, we find that "hills peep o'er hills, and alps o'er alps arise." As regards keyed instruments, it appears that the effect of those notes which act two parts, such as C# and Dâ™­, is rectified in some way so as to be perfectly attuned to the ideal of harmony within us. Again, the "Amen" sung by the choir in a cathedral may not be in accurate tune, but if nearly the correct intonation is sounded, after traveling along the aisles, the chords always return to the ear in perfect harmony, because the natural laws of music, assisted by the echoing power of the building, have attuned them to the perfect harmonical triad. If the "Amen" be too much out of tune, these laws decline to interfere, and there is no such helpful resonance.* [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, The Method of Development or Creation of Harmonies2, page 16]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"This is the true ideal, the true aspiration, the highest goal - to understand and experience the Reality behind and within all things giving them their individual being.
You may call the Reality - God, Allah, Jehovah, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind or Divine Consciousness or the Tao. All these names mean the SOURCE of your BEING - your CREATIVE ORIGINS.
YOU CAN HAVE NO HIGHER ASPIRATION THAN THIS - to understand and experience the Reality behind and within all things - giving, maintaining and sustaining all individual being.
This was the goal presented to you by every enlightened Teacher who has come to earth." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 9]

Daniel Boone
"Having an exciting destination is like setting a needle in your compass. From then on, the compass knows only one point - its ideal. And it will faithfully guide you there through the darkest nights and fiercest storms." [Daniel Boone]

Be sure the IDEAL is proper. Follow that irrespective of outside influence. Know self is right, and then go straight ahead." [Cayce 1739-6]

"Keep, then, an ideal - NOT an idea. Oft may it be asked, WHAT IS an ideal? That not made with hands; that that is eternal - THAT is an ideal. Keep self in accord, in attune with those forces as may make manifest through self in mental and spiritual manners - and this will keep one in attune with an ideal as may be set before self. Being true first to self, will prevent self from being false to anyone. Be not too close mouthed in expression of thoughts, for in the USE of that as is held OR known, or had in hand, is development obtained. Know in whom thou hast believed, knowing He is able to keep that which is committed unto thee against any experience. Keep SELF unspotted, but be not sulky in doing so!" Cayce (24-4)

"He without an ideal is sorry indeed; he with an ideal and lacking courage to live is sorrier still. Know that." Cayce (1402-1)

"BRIGHT is the way; wonderful are the possibilities, if you keep an IDEAL that is bound in spiritual things and of helpfulness, hopefulness to others." [Cayce (989-2)]

"As has been so well pointed out in Holy Writ, if the ideal of the individual is lost, then the abilities to contact the spiritual forces are gradually lost, or barriers are builded that prevent the individual from sensing his nearness to a spiritual development." Cayce (5754-3)

"If the ideal is prompted by Truth, no matter what may be the outward appearance, the assurance of filling and fulfilling the purpose for which the entity seeks expression in this experience in every PHASE of its consciousness, it will bring contentment, peace, harmony." Cayce (1470-2)

"Let each ask self, "Do I manifest - in speech, in activity - that I sincerely believe? Do I give credit to the spirit where credit is due? Do I adhere to the spirit of brotherly love? Do I sow the seeds of kindness with a kindly feeling, or with merely a sense of duty? Do I have long-suffering because I just can't help myself, or because I am willing that God - through His Son, through the Master of masters, show me the way? Is my life, my speech, my activity among others, in keeping with such righteousness as HE - the righteous Master - taught?" Cayce (262-125)

"Then, in giving those things to be done first, for this body:

"Begin with the spiritual attitude. First know in self what ye believe about spiritual things. Know who is the author of thy faith. As was given by the lawgiver, don't look somewhere else. Neither call on heaven, until you have set your own heart and mind aright. For lo, thy redeemer liveth in thy own activity. And as ye find in self the manner in which ye would treat others, ye will find in self help physically and mentally. This will change thy whole outlook on the purpose of life. Do not question as to what others will say or do but find in thy self how and why God, in His wisdom and mercy, has given thee the opportunity - for thyself, [3359] - to be a witness for Him, thy God in the earth.

"Find that, and ye will begin then with the correct attitude. For, that we find in spirit taketh form in mind. Mind becomes the builder. The physical body is the result." Cayce (3359-1)

"thus He that came into the earth as an example, as a way, is an ideal - is the ideal. They that climb up some other way become robbers of that peace, that harmony which may be theirs - by being at-one with that He manifested in the earth." Cayce (2537-1)

"Study to know thyself in relationship to that ye choose as thy ideal. And let that ideal be set in Him, who is the way, the truth and the light.

"This does not mean becoming good-goody, no - far from it! Be able to look everyman in the face and tell him to go to hell - but live as He did, the lowly Nazarene!" Cayce (2869-1)

"Show thyself approved in all good consciousness to that which is an ideal of a spiritual concept, that may be LIVED and needs no boasting of!" [Cayce (1669-1)]

"Ye cannot pray "Peace - Peace" when there is no peace in thine own heart and soul! but by knowing (for His spirit answers with thy spirit) that each day, each person ye meet is GLAD that you are alive! GLAD that YOU have come in touch with them; for you have brought - and bring - hope to their lives, just in the passing!

"This means, then, that you may so live the life as He emulated in the earth, that ye radiate life, joy, peace! that which casteth out fear - by living, by being, by doing unto others, for others, that ye would like others to do unto you.

"O, ye say, this is not new! Neither is thy present disturbance, nor thy present hope, nor ANYTHING! For, even as he said,

"There is nothing new under the sun." What is has been, and will be again. Only as ye USE that birthright, that purpose, that WILL within thine own consciousness to do justice, to do right, to LOVE good, to eschew evil, may ye as individuals, as a group, as a nation, stand between the living and the dead - and STOP the sin that maketh man make war, of any nature, against his brother. Thou ART thy brother's keeper! Act that in thine own heart. Who IS thy brother? "Who is my mother? They that do the will of the Father, the same is my mother, my sister, my brother." ... And more wars, more bloodshed have been shed over the racial and religious differences than over any other problem! These, too, must go the way of all others; and man must learn - if he will know the peace as promised by Him - that God loveth those who love Him, whether they be called of this or that sect or schism or ism or cult! The Lord is ONE." Cayce (3976-27)

"Know that ye are going through a period of testing. Remain true to all that has been committed to thee, and know that each day is an opportunity, and an experience. Speak a word for thy ideal. Not as to force an issue but ever constructive. Sow the seed of truth, the seed of the spirit. God will give the increase." [Cayce (3245-1)]

"Know that the purpose for which each soul enters a material experience is that it may be as a light unto others; not as one boastful of self or of self's abilities in any phase of the experience, whether mental or material, but living, being in spirit that which is ideal and not idealistic alone, nor the unattainable.

For, as He hath given - if ye would know the Spirit, or God, search for Him; for happy ye will find Him.

Thus - in that consciousness of daily living and being that which is in keeping with the ideal - life and its problems becomes not a burden, but opportunities - for the greater expressions and expansions of self in knowing that as ye sow daily the fruit of the spirit, ye need not worry nor fret thyself as to its growth. God giveth the increase. Hence be not weary in well-doing." Cayce (641-6)

"With the present conditions, then, that exist - these have all come to that place in the development of the human family where there must be a reckoning, a one point upon which all may agree, that out of all of this turmoil that has arisen from the social life, racial differences, the outlook upon the relationship of man to the Creative Forces or his God, and his relationships one with another, must come to some COMMON basis upon which all MAY agree. You say at once, such a thing is impractical, impossible! What has caused the present conditions, not alone at home but abroad? It is that realization that was asked some thousands of years ago, "Where IS thy brother? His blood CRIES to me from the ground!" and the other portion of the world has answered, IS answering, "Am I my brother's keeper?" The world, AS a world - that makes for the disruption, for the discontent - has lost its ideal. Man may not have the same IDEA. Man - ALL men - may have the same IDEAL! As the Spirit of God once moved to bring peace and harmony out of chaos, so must the Spirit move over the earth and magnify itself in the hearts, minds and souls of men to bring peace, harmony and understanding, that they may dwell together in a way that will bring that peace, that harmony, that can only come with all having the one Ideal; not the one idea, but "Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all thine heart, thy neighbor AS thyself!"

"This is the whole law, this is the whole answer to the world, to each and every soul. That is the answer to the world conditions as they exist today.

"How shall this be brought about? As they each in their own respective sphere put into action that they know to be the fulfilling of that as has been from the beginning, so does the little leaven leaven the whole lump.

"Man's answer to everything has been POWER - Power of money, Power of position, Power of wealth, Power of this, that or the other. This has NEVER been GOD'S way, will never be God's way. Rather little by little, line upon line, here a little, there a little, each thinking rather of the other fellow, as that that has kept the world in the various ways of being intact - where there were ten, even, many a city, many a nation, has been kept from destruction. Though ye may look upon, or feel that that which was given to Abram - as he viewed the cities of the plain and pled for the saving of same - was an allegorical story, a beautiful tale to be told children - that it might bring fear into the hearts of those that would have their OWN way - may it not come into the hearts of those now, today, wilt THOU, thine self, make of thine OWN heart an understanding that thou must answer for thine own brother, for thine own neighbor! And who is thine neighbor? He that lives next door, or he that lives on the other side of the world? He, rather, that is in NEED of understanding! He who has faltered; he who has fallen even by the way. HE is thine neighbor, and thou must answer for him!" Cayce (3976-8)

For it is the spirit, the purpose, the ideal with which ye think, ye speak, ye act, that will determine what the fruit of thy life, of thy thoughts, will be." [Cayce 3459-1]

"When the ideal is founded in materiality, it is too oft found - when man has paid the price for fame, for fortune, for position, for power - that it is as naught; something lacking yet. Too oft is this found; unless that which is prompting the desire, the hopes, is founded in the spiritual life, in the inner self, as to the glory of that which gives life itself. With this as the prompting, though, one may find peace and harmony, and that which passeth understanding in WHATEVER realm is necessary, for the advancement, for the making aware of that in the experience - of that abiding grace - that comes from living that even as He gave, "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." For this is the law from the beginning." Cayce (802-2)

"Faith. As each have their own concept of faith, as to whether this is grounded in experience in relationship to life's activities in the material, or to the activities in the mental, depends much upon what has been held as the ideal of that individual." [Cayce 262-14]

"Know your own ideal, spiritually, mentally, materially, and then let your life be an example of that ideal; keeping the faith with yourself, with your fellow human beings. Know, what you do to the least of your fellows, you do to your Creator." [Cayce (3000-2)]

"In your meditation and in your consideration, often take counsel with that which is your ideal. And stand aside, or measure up, as to see what you must appear to others. Others are to be dealt with, and they - too - will measure to you with that same spirit you measure to them." [Cayce 2809-1]

"Study to show thyself approved unto the ideal ye have chosen..." [Cayce 457-11]

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