noun: according to religious belief, the love and kindness that God gives to people.
noun: according to religious belief, the condition of people when they are loved and forgiven by God.

"For we grow in grace by applying grace and mercy - and in understanding as we try to understand. For it is the try, the attempt, that is the righteousness of man. Not by any deed or act, but "by the fruits ye shall know them." [Cayce (1598-1)]

"Each planetary influence vibrates at a different rate of vibration. An entity entering that influence enters that vibration: (it is) not necessary that he change, but it is the grace of God that he may! It is part of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, the Universal Law." [Cayce (281-55)]

"But the entity should know there is more to life than to live, and a success must be one in which the entity may grow in understanding and in knowledge. It must be one in which grace and mercy and truth have been and are the directing activities; else regrets, in the home, in the associations, may be the part of the entity's experience.

Keep self, then, well balanced. Budget thy time more . . .

For he that makes material gains at the expense of home or of opportunities and obligations with his own family does so to his own undoing." [Cayce 1901-1]

"For in the manner that ye treat thy neighbor, thy brother, ye are treating thy God. And as to whether ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding, depends upon the manner in which ye apply that ye do know." [Cayce 3663-1]

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