two dividing poles

"The law operates between two poles of assimilation - entirely dissimilar - and by two processes simultaneously, analysis and synthesis, which are each opposite."" [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

"Figures 36 to 40 illustrate a basic fact of the electric current. As long as the two dividing poles extend away from each other as they leave their cathode to collide with an approaching pair, which has been extended from the next cathode, speed of motion multiplies centripetally and potential multiplies with it. This is what is meant by the Einstein Equation of 1905, for that fast motion does multiply potential." [Atomic Suicide, page 136]

"Much confusion has also been caused by the fact that the two poles extended in opposite directions from their dividing cathode and approached each other from opposite directions to form an anode. This led to the belief in the opposite directions of the

[p. 147]

two kinds of electricity, one of which was assumed to attract and the other to repel. The answer to this is that polarity is not motion." [Atomic Suicide, page 146]

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