7.8 - Matter and Spirit are Opposite Poles

“The physical organism (through the medium of celestial radiation) is a trinity, both in regard to its visible form and the invisible Sympathetic Streams which govern it, in its individual and combined movements. The visible includes the molecular, the atomic and interatomic in combination; while the invisible, or spiritual, includes the Etheric, interetheric and luminous in combination, each of which is essential to the proper completion of the combined action, comprising as it does every minute law governing the celestial and terrestrial universe." Keely, Newton of the Mind

Triune Composition of Dualities of Matter and Energy

Figure 7.5 - Triune Composition of Dualities of Matter and Energy (click to enlarge)

External View of Atom
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Showing Sections of the Three Envelopes
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Showing Positions of Atoms in Inner Envelope
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Showing Lines of Interference of Triple Envelopes
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Molecule Showing Subdivision of Matter
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Poles and Zones of Contraction
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Figure 7.6 - These six diagrams above accompany the text of 7.9 - Ultimate Constitution of Matter and Action of Force Regulating its Phenomena.

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