15.16 - Controlling Ether by Will Force

"Keely believed it to be possible to use and control the vaporous product of the dissociation of the elements of water in his disintegrator, but Keely found it impossible to test its nature in any way. As long as it was kept in rotation energy was manifested. All his devices to hold it, in this rotating condition, failed to operate beyond a limited time; and to "stop the leak" was equally impossible. Nothing was left but atmospheric air, after its escape from the engine. There was also something so mysterious, so occult, in its operation as to lead Keely, in 1882, to try to construct an automatic device, by the use of which each man could effect its control, according to the degree of his energy of will." Keely and His Discoveries

"Will force," writes Keely, "is a latent, spiritual element, neither gaseous nor otherwise. Its evolution is brought into action under certain spiritual conditions not now understood by science. Its protoplastic element is actually luminous, in respect to its latent flow from the cerebral domain; but all the flow that has ever been registered from the time of the birth of every volume of thought - all that ever existed, or will ever exist in the future - would not produce a substance of matter the size of a molecule." Keely and His Discoveries

"All forces are indestructible, immaterial, and homogenous entities, having their origin and unity in one great intelligent personal will force." Keely and His Discoveries

"Not gravitation, nor electricity, nor chemical affinity, but WILL, is the typical idea of force. Self-determination, volition is the essence of the only causation we know. Will is the sum-total of the dynamic idea: it either stands for that or nothing. Now science professes itself unable to interpret nature without this metaphysical idea of power. The experiments made by Professor Barker and others, which are said to establish the identity of heat and mental force, really prove only a correlation between heat and the nervous action which attends thinking. Nervous action and heat correlate, but the real point is to prove that nervous action and mental force correlate. This has never been done." Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries

"Creation is a Mind-imagined journey of electrically divided male and female opposites in increasingly greater speed and power in the direction of each other, where they unite in rest to re-divide, and return with ever increasing speed and decreasing power, to the zero of rest in the Magnetic Light of Mind from which they sprang into action. Creation is an illusion which stimulates substance by multiplying the speed of centripetal motion (entropy), and loses its appearance of substance by multiplying its centrifugal (syntropy) speed. If we prove this new state of facts to be in accord with Nature’s plan, it will obviously be necessary to have very different concepts of the Nature of the universe than those concepts which are now held by man." Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide?

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