sympathetic celestial

"The Brain is the high resonating receptacle where the sympathetic celestial (celestial radiation) acts, and where molecular and atomic motion exhibits itself, as according to the intensification brought to bear upon it by the celestial mind flow." [Keely, Dashed Against the Rock]

"Disturbance of equilibrium and sympathetic equation constitute the dual power that governs all the varied forms of life and motion which exist terrestrially, of which the electric or magnetic is the prime mover and regulator. All electrical action, no matter of what character, has its sympathetic birth by the intervention of that current of the triune flow, which I call the dominant, with the Polar harmonic current; all sympathetic flows being composed of three currents. They become associative one with the other only near the junction of terrestrial interference. The great vacuous field which exists between the planetary ranges holds this portion of the etheric flow free of all antagonism, molecularly or otherwise, till the associative point is reached; so wonderfully planned by the Great Creator, for instant electric evolution and assimilation with terrestrial centers of attraction. I call this intervention, atomic intermolecular and molecular density. The combination of the action of the triune sympathetic celestial stream with the same intervening medium induces heat and light as the resultant of these corpuscular conflictions with sympathetic celestial and terrestrial focalized centers of neutral radiation. I do not recognize electricity, nor light, nor heat as coming from the sun. These conditions, according to my theories, emanate from atomic and interatomic interference on induced molecular vibration, by sympathetic etheric vibration, the celestial attractive being the prime mover." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

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