Latent Force and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Airships

John W Keely's Air-Ship
Latent Force
and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Air-ships
Lippincott, May, 1891

Recently some questions, propounded to Mr. Keely by Prof. Dewar, of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, elicited answers which were admitted to be clear and definite, but no physicist could accept Keely's assertion that incalculable amounts of latent force exist in the molecular spaces, for the simple reason that science asserts that molecular aggregation is generally attended with dissipation of energy instead of its absorption. The questions asked were,-

"I. In, disintegrating water, how many, foot-pounds of energy have you to expend in order to produce or induce the vibratory energy in your acoustical apparatus?

"Answer.- No foot-pounds at all. The force necessary to excite disintegration when the instrument is sensitized (both in sensitization and developments) would not be sufficient to wind up a watch.

"II. What is the amount of energy that you get out of that initial amount of water (say twelve drops) when decomposed into ether?

"Answer.- From twelve drops of water a force can be developed that will fill a chamber of seven-pint volume no less than six times with a pressure of ten tons to the square inch.

"III. In other words, if you put so many foot-pounds of energy into vibratory motion, how many foot-pounds do you get out of this?

"Answer.- All molecular masses of metal represent in their interstitial molecular spaces incalculable amounts of latent force, which, if awakened and brought into intense vibratory action by the medium of sympathetic liberation, would result in thousands of billions more power in foot-pounds than that necessary to awaken it. The resultant development of any and all forces is only accomplished by conditions that awaken the latent energy they have carried with them during molecular aggregation. If the latent force that exists in a pound of water could be sympathetically evolved or liberated up to the seventh subdivision or compound interetheric, and could be stored free of rotation, it would be in my estimation sufficient to run the power of the world for a century."

This statement gives another of Keely's discoveries to the world,- viz., that molecular dissociation does not create energy, as men have asserted Keely has claimed, but supplies it in unlimited quantities, as the product of the hidden energy accumulated in molecular aggregation. This is to the physicist as if Keely had asserted that two and two make five; but, as men of science have now come forward to make known that "Keely has seemingly demonstrated the discovery of a force previously unknown to science," the discoverer at last feels at liberty to make public the nature of his discoveries. Until Prof. Leidy and Dr. Wilcox had taken this stand, Mr. Keely could not, without jeopardizing his interests, and the interests of the Keely Motor Company, make known in what particulars his system conflicts with the systems upheld by the age in which we live.- More Science. C. J. Moore.

SCIENCE, even in its highest progressive conditions, cannot assert anything definite. The many mistakes that men of science have made in the past prove the fallacy of asserting. By doing so they bastardize true philosophy and, as it were, place the wisdom of God at variance; as in the assertion that latent power does not exist in corpuscular aggregations of matter, in all its different forms, visible or invisible.

Take, for example, gunpowder, which is composed of three different mediums of aggregated matter,- saltpetre, charcoal, and sulphur, each representing different orders of molecular density, which, when associated under proper conditions, gives us what is called an explosive compound. In fact, it is a mass which is made susceptible at any moment by its exciter fire (an order of vibration) to evolve the most wonderful energy, in a volume many thousands of times greater than the volume it represents in its molecular mass. If it is not latent force that is thus liberated by its exciter, a mere spark, what is it?

Are not the gases - that are evolved in such great volume and power - held in the molecular embrace of its aggregated matter, latent, before excited into action? If this force is not compressed there, nor placed there by absorption, how did it get there? and by what power was it held in its quiescent state?

I contend that it was placed there at the birth of the molecule, by the infinite law of sympathetic etheric focalization, as towards the negative centres of neutrality, with a velocity as inconceivable in its character as would be the subdivision of matter to an ultimate end.

Again: What is the force that is held in the molecular embrace of that small portion of dynamite, which, by slight concussion, another order of vibration, evolves volumes of terrific force, riving the solid rock and hurling massive projectiles for miles? If it is not latent power that is excited into action, what is it?

Finally: What is held in the interstitial corpuscular embrace of water, which, by its proper exciter, another form of vibration, is liberated, and shows almost immeasurable volume and power? Is not this form of energy latent, quiet, until brought forth by its sympathetic negative exciter? Could the force thus evolved from these different mediums be confined again, or pressed back and absorbed into the interstitial spaces occupied before liberation? - where the sympathetic negative power of the Infinite One originally placed it.1

If latent force is not accumulated and held in all corpuscular aggregations why is it that progressive orders of disintegration of water induce progressive conditions of increased volume and of higher power? I hold that in the evolved gases of all explosive compounds, dynamite, or any other, there exists, deeper down, in the corpuscular embrace of the gaseous element induced by the first explosion, a still greater degree of latent energy that could be awakened by the proper condition of vibration, and still further on ad infinitum.

Is it possible to imagine that mere molecular dissociation could show up such immense volumes of energy unassociated with the medium of latent force?

The question arises, "How is this sympathetic infinite power held in the interstitial corpuscular position?"

Answer.- By the infinite and incalculable velocity of the molecular, atomic, and etheric capsules;2 which velocity represents billions of revolutions per second in their rotations. We will imagine a sphere of twelve inches in diameter, representing a magnified molecule, surrounded by an atmospheric envelope of one-sixteenth of an inch in depth, - the envelope rotating at a velocity of the same increased ratio of the molecule's magnification. At the very lowest estimate, it would give a velocity of six hundred thousand miles per second, or twenty four thousand times the circumference of the earth in that time. Is it possible to compute what the velocity would be, on the same ratio, up to the earth's diameter?3 It is only under these conditions that we can be brought to even faintly imagine the wonderful sympathetic activity that exists in the molecular realm. An atmospheric film rotating on a twelve-inch sphere, at the same ratio as the molecular one, would be impenetrable to a steel-pointed projectile at its greatest velocity, and would hermetically enclose a resisting pressure of many thousand pounds per square inch.

The latent force evolved in the disintegration of water proves this fact, for under etheric evolution, in progressive orders of vibration, these pressures are evolved, and show their energy on a lever especially constructed for the purpose, - strong enough for measuring a force over three times that of gunpowder.

We will continue this subject a little farther, and this little farther will reach out into infinity.

The speculations of the physicists of the present age, in regard to latent energy, would neutralize the sympathetic conditions that are associated with the governing force of the cerebral over the physical organism. The evolution of a thought, the infinite exciter, arouses the latent energy of the physical organism to do its work, - differential orders of brain force acting against each other under dual conditions. If there were no latent energy to arouse, sympathetically, there would be no action evolved on the physical mass, nor on any other, as all force is mind force. All evolutions of latent power, in its varied multiplicity of action, induced by its proper exciters, prove the connective link as between the celestial and the terrestrial, the finite and the infinite.

There would be no life, and therefore there would be no action on aggregated matter, had the latent negative force, the soul it is impregnated with, been left out of it.

If a bar of steel or iron is brought into contact with a magnet, the latent force that the steel or iron is impregnated with is aroused, and shows its interstitial latent action by still holding another bar. But this experiment does not give the most remote idea of the immensity of the force that would show itself on more progressive exciters. Enough alternate active energy could be evolved, by the proper sympathetic exciter, in one cubic inch of steel to do the work of a horse, by its sympathetic association with the polar force in alternate depolarization.

This is the power that I am now getting under control (using the proper exciters, as associated with the mechanical media) to do commercial work. In other words, I am making a sympathetic harness for the polar terrestrial force: first, by exciting the sympathetic concordant force that exists in the corpuscular interstitial domain, which is concordant to it; and, secondly, after the concordance is established, by negatizing the thirds, sixths, and ninths of this concordance, thereby inducing high velocities with great power by intermittent negation, as associated with the dominant thirds.

Again: Take away the sympathetic latent force that all matter is impregnated with, the connective link between the finite and the infinite would be dissociated, and gravity would be neutralized, thereby bringing all visible and invisible aggregations back into the great etheric realm.

Here let me ask, what does the term cohesion mean? What is the power that holds molecules together, but electromagnetic negative attraction? What is the state that is brought about by certain conditions of sympathetic vibration, causing molecules to repel each other, but electromagnetic radiation?

It must not be understood that the character of the action of the latent force liberated from liquids and gases is the same in its evolution as that of the latent force existing in metals. The former shows up an elastic energy, which emanates from the breaking up of their rotating envelopes; increasing, at the same time, the range of their corpuscular action; thus giving, under confinement, elastic forces of an almost infinite character. By liberation from the tube it is confined in, it seeks its medium of concordant tenuity with a velocity greater than that of light.

In metals, the latent force, as excited by the same sympathizer, extends its range of neutral sympathetic attraction without corpuscular rupture, and reaches out as it were to link itself with its harmonic sympathizer, as long as its exciter is kept in action. When its exciter is dissociated, its Outreach nestles back again into the corpuscular embrace of the molecular mass that has been acted upon.

This is the polar sympathetic harness, as between metallic mediums and the polar dominant current, - the leader of the triune stream, of the terrestrial flow.

The velocity of the sympathetic bombarding streams, towards the centres of neutrality, in the corpuscular atoms, during sympathetic aggregation of visible molecular masses (in registering the latent force in their interstitial spaces), is thousands of times greater then that of the most sensitive explosives. An atmospheric stream of that velocity would atomize the plate of an iron-clad) if brought to bear upon it.

If the evolution of the power of a thought be set down as one, what number would that represent in the power evolved by such thought on the physical organism? To answer this we must first be able, mentally, to get down to the neutral central depths of the corpuscular atoms, where gravity ceases to get its unit; and in the second place we must be able to weigh it as against the force physically evolved.

How true, "the finer the force the greater the power!" and the greater is the velocity, also; and the more mathematically infinite the computation.

Yet all these conditions of evolution and concentration are all accomplished by the celestial mind force, as associated with terrestrial brain matter.

The first seal is being broken, in the book of vibratory philosophy: the first stepping-stone is placed toward reaching the solution of that infinite problem, - the origin of life.


All molecular masses of terrestrial matter are composed of the ultimate ether, - from which all things originally emanated. They are sympathetically drawn towards the earth's centre, as according to the density of their molecular aggregation, minus their force or sympathetic outreach towards celestial association. In other words, the celestial brain flow as controlling terrestrial physical organisms: the celestial, mind; the terrestrial, matter!

The sympathetic outflow from the celestial streams reaches the infinite depths of all the diversified forms of matter. Thus it is seen that the celestial brain flow which permeates, to its atomic depths, the terrestrial convolutions of all matter, forms the exact sympathetic parallel to the human brain flow and the physical organism, - a perfect connective link of controlling sympathy, or sympathetic control. Under certain orders of sympathetic vibration, polar and anti-polar, the attractive sympathies of either stream can be intensified, so as to give the predominance to the celestial or to the terrestrial.

If the predominance be given to the celestial, to a certain degree, on a mass of metal, it will ascend from the earth's surface, towards the etheric field, with a velocity as according to the dominant concentration that is brought to bear on the negative thirds of its mass chords, by inducing high radiation from their neutral centres, in combination with the power of the celestial attractive.

The power of the terrestrial propulsive and celestial attractive to lift; and these conditions reversed, or the celestial propulsive and the terrestrial attractive, to descend. Associating these conditions with the one of corpuscular bombardment, it is evident to me with what perfection an air-ship of any number of tons weight can, when my system is completed, be controlled in all the varied movements necessary for complete commercial use, at any desired elevation, and at any desired speed. It can float off into atmospheric space as gentle in motion as thistle-down, or with a velocity out rivalling a cyclone.4
John Worrell Keely.

1 There are some paradoxical conditions shown up in the disintegration of water, which require further research to get at the solution. In disintegrating say five drops of water in a steel bulb of two cubic inches volume of atmospheric air, the force generated, by the triple order of vibration, when weighed on a lever, shows ten tons pressure per square inch. In using the same number of drops, in the same bulb, and associating it to a tube of two hundred cubic inches, the result is the same, in the force developed per square inch, as is shown on the volume of the one of two cubic inches. The solution of this problem seems to rest in the fact that the gaseous element thereby induced, even in minute quantities, must possess the property of exciting atmospheric air to that extent as to force it to give up, to quite an extended degree, the latent energy that is held in its corpuscular depths. This introductory medium seems to act on air in the same manner that a spark of fire acts on a magazine of gunpowder.

2 The ether is the capsule to the molecules and atoms, all the way up to the perfect stream of structural ether.

3 A volume of pure ether, equivalent to the atmospheric displacement caused by our earth, could be compressed and absorbed in a volume of one cubic inch by the velocity and sympathetic power of the etheric triple flows, as focalizing towards the sympathetic centres of neutrality, at the birth of the molecule.

4 Mr. Keely uses "terrestrial" referring to the earth; "celestial" to the air! Also celestial, mind; terrestrial, matter.

"Neutral centres" represent pure ether in their remote depths.

Mr. Keely explains the force that he is handling or researching as a condition of sympathetic vibration associated with the polar stream positively and negatively. An English physicist of note said, after seeing the photographs of the raising of a solid metal mass in a glass chamber, “If Mr. Keely can raise a nail, a feather even, in this way, he has got a force unknown to us; and I see no reason why he should not be able, when he gets it under control, to raise thousands of tons in an air-ship." [C. J. M.]

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