17.01 - Discovering Cause of Gravity

"In the paper of the Rev. H. W. Watson, on "The Progress of Science, its Conditions and Limitations," he tells us that every thinking man recognizes the subjective Self and the objective non-Self, and that this non-Self, so far as it manifests its existence through the senses, is the object of investigation of natural philosophers; but he admits that their investigations have not bestowed upon modern science any results to justify the language of causation. Universal gravitation is declared to be a vast generalization, telling us that there is no more, but yet just as much, of mystery in the whole sequence of astronomical phenomena, as in the most humdrum processes of every-day experiences. The unfamiliar has been explained by the familiar, and both remain in their original mystery. The mystery, attendant upon gravitation, Kepler prophesied would be revealed to man in this age: and the cautions and inductive investigations which Keely has been pursuing, since 1888, have enabled him to demonstrate that the unknown force, which for fifteen years had baffled all his skill, is the same condition of sympathetic vibration which control nature's highest and most general operations:- the identical force which Faraday divined when he wrote, in 1836: "Thus, either present elements are the true elements, or else there is the probability before us of obtaining some more high and general power of nature even than Electricity, and which at the same time might reveal to us an entirely new grade of the elements of matter, now hidden from our view and almost from our suspicion."'' Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries

"Beyond disintegration lies dispersion, and Keely can just as easily disperse atoms of matter as disintegrate its molecules, dispersing them into ether. The law of gravity appears in the light of Keely's experiments but one manifestation of a law which provides for the reversion of the process of attraction in the shape of a process of repulsion. Keely, by means of a belt and certain appliances which he wore upon his person moved singlehanded, a 500 horsepower vibratory engine from one part of his shop to another, without a scratch on the floor, and astounded engineers declared it could not have been moved without a derrick, to use which would have required the removal of the roof." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

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