17.06 - Gravity Defined by Cayce

"What is gravitation? 'The centralization of vibratory forces, ready to be changed in power by non-activity.'" Cayce (195- 54)

This Cayce definition closely matches Russell's definition of generative or syntropic (Father) force. "Gravity may be considered a negative force, for it tends to balance the positive forces. Gravitational forces are vibratory forces and might be defined as the centralization of vibratory forces (syntropy) ready to change into power by non-activity." Cayce (195-70)

"Gravity acting through space on everything has no action on space itself." Cayce (195-57) This definition closely matches what Keely said in 17.02 - Gravity Defined by Keely that gravity is not affected by time or space.

For a more complete description of Gravity see LAW OF OSCILLATING ATOMOLES, 17.12 - Law of Oscillating Atomoles and LAW OF VIBRATING ATOMOLIC SUBSTANCES also LEVITATION.

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