17.19 - Gravity Keely

Gravity, Keely - "Any visible molecular mass of metal can be so impregnated by triple orders of sympathetic vibration as to give it the same sympathetic transmittive qualities that exist in the mental forces, which make such mass subservient to either the attractive or repulsive conditions of terrestrial sympathy.

"Gravity is nothing more than a concordant attractive Sympathetic Stream flowing towards the neutral center of the earth. This force is inherent in all visible and invisible aggregated forms of matter, from the very birth of a planet, around whose center the molecules cluster by the sympathetic affinity which is thus induced. If these conditions had always maintained a neutral position in Etheric space, no planet would ever have been evolved. These conditions have been fixed by the Infinite. These rotating neutral centers, set in celestial space, have been endowed with the power of rotation to become their own accumulators. It is through the action of these sympathetic forces of the Infinite Etheric realm that planets are born, and their volume of matter augmented.

"If we pick up an object we feel a resisting power in it which physicists call gravity; but they do not explain what gravity is. It is simply a sympathetic flow, proceeding from the molecular centers of neutrality; which flow is concordant with the earth's neutral center of same, seeking this medium of its affinity with a power corresponding to the character of its molecular mass. There is no actual weight in the molecules of the mass of which the earth is composed. If the sympathetic negative polar stream that flows towards the neutral center of the earth were cut off from it, the earth's molecular mass would become independent, and would float away into space as would a soap bubble filled with warm air.

"The gravital flow comes, in this system, under the order of the sympathetic concordant of the 9ths, and belongs to that third of the triune combinations called polar propulsive.

"Magnetism is polar attraction."

"Gravity is polar propulsion."

"Both magnetism and gravity can be accelerated by the proper medium of sympathetic vibratory influences." Keely, Chapter 19 of The Snell Manuscript

"Gravity is nothing more than an attractive, Sympathetic Stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality; concordant with the earth's centers of neutrality, and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass. Gravity, he defines as transmittive interetheric force under immense Etheric vibration. He continues: - The action of the mind itself is a vibratory Etheric evolution, controlling the physical, its negative power being depreciatory in its effects, and its positive influence elevating." [Keely, Chapter 5 of Keely and His Discoveries]

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