14.03 - Hints from Russell

"I am dual thinking Mind, thinking two in action and reaction.

"I am dynamic thinking Mind, pulsing with My dynamic thinking.

"With one pulse beat of My dual thinking I build My multiple one image and bind them all as One in Me. I then cancel them with the other voiding pulse. Each then naught, but both are seed for another two.

"Thus I produce, void and reproduce; generate, radiate and regenerate in cycles without end.

"For behold, My imaged universe is mirrored to infinity; it is repeated to the endless end; yet there are but multiples of three in all My universe. And again I say to thee, two of those very three are naught but My imaginings, for My Trinity is but One.

"The two are in Me, and they are of Me, but they are not Me, nor am I them." Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad The Secret of Light, page 138

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