The Physics of Love 2.0

The Physics of Love 2.0

The book was originally the SVP Training Course condensed into book format. This is the beginner’s book to begin studying SVP. This new edition of The Physics of Love 1st edition brings it up to date with what has been learned about SVP since it was first published in 1994. This book is the recommended entry level introduction to SVP including the works of Keely, Russell, Cayce and many others. This rewrite is a major rewrite and reorganization of old and new materials including many new illustrations. The material is extensively referenced and footnoted. Those who have read the first edition will agree the material has been massively reworked into a coherent whole explaining the basics and connections of and between matter, energy, music, geometry, polarity, color, vibration, Spirit and Mind. This 2.0 edition is dedicated to Dr. Masaru Emoto because of his fine work with vibrations and the power of thought on our environment. 162 pages, 8 1/2" X 11". Perfect Bound. This edition is available in COLOR or B&W versions.


This book, when it first appeared in print, was far ahead of its time and even now, in 2003. it is still at the cutting edge of a futuristic science which embraces philosophy, religion and mysticism. At its core is the science of "vibration" which , of course, includes music, and all that the word "vibration" stands for, not only in the physical sense but also in its emotional and spiritual sense.

Its principal author is the American Dale Pond with a diversified background in a number of sciences as well as music. Because he has drawn so much from Cayce, Keely, Steiner and Tesla, he felt that they must be listed as co-authors. They were, in effect, his mentors. The one figure among them that could be unfamiliar to readers of esoteric literature is John Keely (1837-1898) who called his pioneering work Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, a title Pond has taken on board in his research. Keely discovered and developed sources of energy that Pond claims we have yet to understand after 100 years. In fact, Blavatsky and Steiner held that Keely's work would be the science of the future, that the fundamental basis of all natural phenomena to be vibration. It is perhaps possible to say that Keely was the forerunner of all the physicists today who are espousing the elusive superstring theory, at the heart of which are infinitesimally small vibrating string particles.

The great overriding theme for Pond is that the common connecting link between substance and energy is vibration and the common vibratory phenomena that connects vibration is sympathy. He goes on to state: "In real human terms, we call sympathy or sympathetic association - LOVE. This is the Law that binds individuals together. This is the Law that binds molecules together. This is the Law that when broken causes chaos, discord and disruption. This is the Law that when adhered to brings peace, harmony and understanding into life and all life's activities."

At first glance the chapter headings of The Physics of Love give the impression that this is primarily a science book with an emphasis on sound and acoustics. Yet there are also chapters on music theory, light and colour, astronomy and astrology. What informs such subjects, breaking down any barriers between science, philosophy, religion and art, are the chapters with such titles as Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, The Veil Withdrawn, In the Beginning was the Word, The Law of One and Good and Evil. How many quantum physicists even today would be quoting from St. John's Gospel, as Pond does, to demonstrate the vibratory unity of our universe.

Recently we have had a programme on Channel 4 television entitled The Theory of Everything based on a book entitled The Elegant Universe by the presenter Brian Greene. What Pond does in The Physics of Love, in his synthesis of different disciplines and the ideas of visionary thinkers, goes far beyond the superstring theory elaborated in that TV series. His book makes an immense, greater contribution to the Theory of Everything than does Greene. Undoubtedly it has a limited readership simply because many people are not comfortable when attempting to absorb scientific principles and thinking. They prefer their spiritual messages free from what might be called "left-brain activity." An effective way for Pond are illustrations. There are many in the book such as the Evolution of a Unit of Matter, the Geometry of Harmony and Spheres of Harmony and Diversity, which contemplated, can induce an expanded state of consciousness, offering revelations behind the veils of the universe.

The Physics of Love is a textbook (it even includes a Certification Self Test) for Renaissance persons who do not wish knowledge to be compartmentalized. It is for those who can intuit science in St. John's Gospel of the New Testament and religion in the discoveries of John Keely. The best knowledge, however you label it - scientific, spiritual or otherwise - offers a gateway to Unity in ourselves and in the world around us. To see it and know it in all things. Pond and his famous psychic co-authors offer a catalytic book for achieving this if you are willing to stretch both sides of the brain as its waves vibrate in sympathy - LOVE.

James DAngelo is a healing sound workshop leader and author of Healing With The Voice: Creating Harmony Through the Power of Sound. Website: www.soundspirit.co.uk


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Table of Contents
Introduction 5
John Ernst Worrell Keely 7
Dedication 8
Dr. Emoto’s Rice Experiment 9
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics 10
The Veil Withdrawn 11
Our Purpose in Life 17
It all begins and ends with Love 18
In the beginning was the word (sound) 19
The Ultimate Constitution of Matter and Action 20
The Law of One 23
Giving-Regiving 24
Rhythmic Balanced Interchange 25
Universal Heart Beat 25
One Manifests as Three of Trinity 25
Law of Assimilation 26
Polarity 27
Love or Sympathy 29
What Love Is 31
John Keely’s Sympathetic Machines 32
Polarity - The Undifferentiated One Differentiates into the Two of Polarity 33
Triple Polar States 33
Polarity 33
The Father Principle 34
The Mother Principle 34
What is Polarity? 34
Father-Mother Principle 35
The Divine Trinity 36
Mind 37
The Two Lights of Electric Waves are Father and Mother of Creation 39
“In the wave...” 39
Polarization = Ionization 39
Neutral Center or Fulcrum 40
Summary 41
Mutual Opposition 42
Vibration & Oscillation 43
Introduction 43
What a vibration is 43
Vibration and Oscillation 44
Frequency/Pitch 45
Wavenumber 45
Wave Length 45
Unseen Creative Forces 46
Vibration as Cycles 46
Resonance 46
Sympathy 47
Sympathetic Vibration - Sympathetic Association 48
Quantum Entanglement 48
Power of Love 48
Concord-Discord 49
Harmonics and Partials 49
Vibration and Healing 49
Vibration are a Universal Dynamical Force 50
Vibration and Electricity 51
Introduction to Sound 55
Sound Definition 55
Sound Dynamics 56
Propagation via Sympathy 56
Quantum Etheric Link 56
Triple Wave Propagation 56
Refraction/Reflection 57
Bent Sticks and Lightning Bolts 57
Sound Waves 57
Power in Sound 58
Sympathetic Vibration and Healing 58
Sympathetic Vibrations 58
Introduction to Music 61
Western Music Scale 61
Keynote 61
Notes 62
Intervals 62
Ratios and Proportions 62
Scale 63
Chord 63
Keys 63
Keynote or First Cause 63
Progressive Evolution 64
Emotions 65
Correspondence with Colors 66
Music abd Psychology 66
As Above so Below 66
Correspondence with Colors 66
Musics and Physiology 67
Introduction to Color 69
Colors as a Vibration 69
Relativity to Sound 69
Hues and Pigments 69
Individual Colors 70
Color in Therapy 72
Psychology 73
Aura Tones and Hues 73
Matter and Energy 75
Energy to Matter to Energy 77
E=MC2 78
Crystals 80
Harmony and Proportion 80
Newtonian Physics 82
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics 83
Heat or Thermal Activity 84
Spheres of Ideals, Activities amd Methods 87
Certification and Self Test 89
Mind - the Scalar Force of Light 91
What is Mind Force? 91
Luminiferous Ether 93
Light of Mind 93
Subdivision link 95
Lyndon LaRouche 95
Edgar Cayce 96
Sixth Sense 97
Awakening 97
Dr. Masaru Emoto 98
Princeton University 99
The Ultimate Constitution of Matter 101
Molecular Morphology 103
Concordant Chord Settings 106
Amplitude of Force 109
Keely’s Definitions of his own terms 112
Keely’s Four Steps to Awakening 113
Propositions Demonstrating Relatie Properties of Straight and Curve Lines 115
Introduction to Astronomy 119
Sun - The Grand Focalizer 119
Actienic Rays 119
Orbit as a Cycle 120
Planetary Orbits 120
Astronomy vs Astrology 120
Earth - The Keynote Setter 121
Planetary Influences 121
Polarity in Orbits 122
Correlation to Music 122
Correlation to Colors and Sounds 122
Propositions of Astronomical Circles 123
Johannes Kepler 124
Keely’s Forty Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics 125
Glossary 131
Index 151
SVP Recommended Reading List 162


"I love this book!" Masaru Emoto (He said (paraphrased) of the first edition. This second edition is much improved.)

"This is your best book ever!" Jerry Williams

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