Wilhelm Reich

"One could not get at the masses with arguments, proofs, and knowledge, but only with feelings and beliefs." [Wilhelm Reich]

Wilhelm Reich was a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and a natural scientist. He studied and worked with Sigmund Freud in the 1920s, was briefly active in politics during the 20s and 30s, but focused completely on his Orgone energy research during the 40s and 50s - passing on at a state prison on 3rd November 1957. See also Odyle

Having spent 1934 through 1939 in Oslo and Scandinavia in general conducting research into Bions, Wilhelm Reich moved into the United States of America at the end of 1939 and spent close to two decades in New York and also Rangeley, Maine - where the Wilhelm Reich Museum / Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust still maintain his legacy.

During the course of his lifetime, he nurtured life in all its forms, first as a member of the International Psychoanalytical Association, then as the originator of Character Analytic Vegeto-Therapy, later moving steadfastly towards the natural sciences with his Orgone Physics and Orgone Therapy. At the end of his life, he was developing and testing devices for conducting weather engineering and weather modification - such as the device which became to be called a Cloudbuster.

The various psychoanalytic movements still treasure his book "Character Analysis" (published in 1933), but choose to ignore the rest of his work.

The life-work of Wilhelm Reich is almost too trailblazing to be conceived in its absolute whole, ranging from major steps forward in psychiatry and psychoanalysis to measurement of bio-electricity, concentration and decentration of Orgone energy charges, the development and testing of an Orgone Accumulator (ORAC) with animal test subjects, human test subjects and also magnets - the identification of a temperature difference between an Orgone Accumulator and outside it - with which he interested Dr. Einstein for a while before one of Einstein's assistants convinced him that there was nothing there - which led to a brief flurry of letters from Wilhelm Reich to Einstein - never to be replied to (As an aside, Einstein said simply: "If this effect is true, it would be a bomb-shell in physics", during the 5 hour meeting between him and Dr. Reich.) - and much, much more.

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The Wilhelm Reich Museum lists as Dr. Reich's most appreciable and important discoveries, in chronological order:
1923-1934 - Orgasm theory and technique of Character Analysis
1928-1934 - Respiratory block and muscular armor
1923-1934 - Sex-economic self-regulation of primary natural drives in their distinction from secondary, perverted drives
1930-1934 - The role of irrationalism and human sex-economy in the origin of dictatorship of all political denominations
1934 - The orgasm reflex
1935-1936 - The bio-electrical nature of sexuality and anxiety
1936-1939 - Orgone energy vesicles (bions)
1936-1939 - Origin of the cancer cell from bionously disintegrated animal tissue, and the organization of protozoa from bionously disintegrated moss and grass
1937 - T-bacilli in sarcoma
1939 - Discovery of the bio-energy (Orgone Energy) in sand packet (SAPA) bions
1940 - Discovery of Orgone Energy in the atmosphere
1940 - Invention of the Orgone Energy Accumulator
1944 - Invention of the Orgone Energy Field Meter
1940-1945 - Experimental orgone therapy of the cancer biopathy
1945 - Experimental investigation of primary biogenesis (Experiment XX)
1945 - Method of Orgonomic Functionalism
1947 - Emotional Plague of man as a disease of the bio-energetic equilibrium
1949-1950 - Orgonometric equations
1951 - Hypothesis of cosmic superimposition of two Orgone Energy streams as the basis of hurricanes and galaxy formation
1947-1951 - Anti-nuclear radiation effects of Orgone Energy
1951-1952 - Discovery of DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) and identification of its properties, including a specific toxicity (DOR sickness)
1951-1954 - Identification of Melanor, Orite, Brownite, Orene; and initial steps toward pre-atomic chemistry
1952-1955 - Use of "reversed" orgonomic potential in removing DOR from the atmosphere in cloudbusting and weather control
1954-1955 - Theory of desert formation in nature and in man (the emotional plague) and demonstration of reversibility (OROP Desert Ea and the Medical DOR-Buster)
1954-1955 - Theory of disease based on DOR accumulation in the tissues
1950-1957 - Equations of gravity and anti-gravity

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It is interesting to note similarities between findings of Reich and L. Ron Hubbard. These similarities ought to be further investigated. DP

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