"Consequently the unition of these sympathetic thirds must take place by gravital assimilation, which is the highest order of sympathetic union. This is the compound etheric flow, or soul of matter. The sympathetic attendant must be the odylic; or, comparatively speaking, its nerve force. Reichenbach exercises a wonderfully far-seeing judgment in his argument on this, the highest preponderable." [Newton of the Mind]

1. Odyle is a universal property of all matter in variable and unequal distribution both in space and time.

2. It interpenetrates and fills the structure of the universe. It cannot be eliminated or isolated from anything in nature.

3. It quickly penetrates and courses through everything.

4. It flows in concentrated form from special sources such as heat, friction, sound, electricity, light, the moon, solar and stellar rays, chemical action, organic vital activity of plants and animals, especially man.

5. It possesses polarity. There is both negative odyle, which gives a sensation of coolness and is pleasant; and positive odyle, which gives a sensation of warmth and discomfort.

6. It can be conducted, metals, glass, resin, silk, and water being perfect conductors.

7. It is radiated to a distance and these rays penetrate through clothes, bed-clothes, boards and walls.

8. Substances can be charged with odyle, or odyle may be transferred from one body to another. This is affected by contact and requires a certain amount of time.

9. It is luminous, either as a luminous glow or as a flame, showing blue at the negative and yellow-red at the positive. The flames can be made to flow in any direction.

10. Human beings are odyle-containers, with polarity, and are luminous over their whole surface, hence the so-called aura surrounding the physical body. In the 24 hours a periodic fluctuation, a decrease and increase of odylic power, occurs in the human body. [Orgone, Reich and Eros - Wilhelm Reich's Theory of Life Energy; Simon and Schuster, 1973, NY, NY]

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