Kiesha Crowther

Kiesha Crowther - Little Grandmother
Kiesha Crowther - Little Grandmother

Kiesha is teaching people to live and feel from the heart instead of thinking with the ego and intellect.

"The Elders and Wise Ones are telling us that the time is now, that “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.' They have asked us to be the change we wish for, and to remember who we really are. My prayer for this time is that we can unite our heart consciousness, share our kindness and generosity with one another and become one - One Family of One Mother, One Heart and One Tribe." [Kiesha Crowther]

"Infinite Love is the love of God, while Love Divine is that manifested by those in their activities who are guided by love divine. These bring Happiness and the experiences of joy; not mere pleasure, not gratification of any of the material things. But differentiate - or, as has been given - put the proper value upon the proper phases of one's experience." Cayce (262-111)


  • Message for the Tribe of Many Colors

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