3.15 - Modern References to Polar States

Col. Thomas Bearden: "I'll give you several of them that bear directly on this. See R. Chen, "Cancellation of internal forces," American Journal of Physics, Vol. 49, No. 4, Apr. 1981, p. 372. Chen gives a discussion of these summation vectors and internal vectors. He points out that the internal forces occur in equal and opposite pairs; in other words, as internal stresses. That's certainly pointing out the internal, bidirectional force structure of a scalar stress - a scalar potential, if we're talking EM stress and EM forces. Note that this internal pattern is exactly what Maxwell's quaternion theory captured and retained, and that the Heaviside and Gibbs vector theory discards. Further, the quaternions captured the internal order of this internal force vector structure as well. Second, in a beautiful article Kidd bluntly states that all our measurement/detection is really binocular. See Richard Kidd et al, "Evolution of the modern photon," American Journal of Physics, Vol. 57, No. 1, Jan. 1989, p. 27-35. E.T. Whittaker, of course, wrote the definitive engineering methodology of how to do all this with EM waves - how to infold the EM waves into a bidirectional wave structure that produces a standing wave of externally force-field-free scalar potential. The two Whittaker papers are (1) "On the partial differential equations of mathematical physics," Mathematische Annalen, Vol. 57, 1903, p. 333-355; and (2) "On an expression of the electromagnetic field due to electrons by means of two scalar potential functions," Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., Series 2, Vol. 1, 1904, p. 367-372.

Syntropy Seeking Center - Entropy Fleeing from Center

Figure 3.33 - Syntropy Seeking Center - Entropy Fleeing from Center
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Red/Positive/Male Force Seeking Center - syntropic - ordering.
Blue/Negative/Female Force Fleeing Center - entropic - disordering.

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Figure 3.33 - Syntropy Seeking Center - Entropy Fleeing from Center
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