The sympathetic neutral flow from the molecular neutral centers to the neutral center of the mass aggregate manifests latent power in different manners. Keely disintegrated quartz and marble, which left behind an impalpable intermolecular dust, the latent force being dissipated as ether. He discovered this property of vibrations when working on his vibrator for overcoming gravity, when he placed a block of marble on one of his instruments to hold it down probably on the air-ship model mentioned under Aerial Navigation. This experiment of disintegration of quartz is said to have been exhibited before quite a number of his friends and several years later he attempted to build two more similar devices from scale drawings without being able to achieve successful results from even accurate linear measurements.

"When disintegrating molecular mineral masses, there is no molecular collision when the component parts are forced asunder from their neutral centers under radiant dispersion. Their atomic neutral centers and interatomic neutral centers seek their medium of corresponding tenuity (similar density) in the far borders of the etheric field leaving all associated metallic masses behind in their virgin form."

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