Celestial and Terrestrial Domains

Father-Mother - Celestial-Terrestrial
Father-Mother - Celestial-Terrestrial

When Keely did his work with SVP in the 1860-1890s science considered the atom as indivisible. To them any thing or phenomena that was not atoms or molecules was "ether" as a subtle yet poorly defined tenuous substance. The term "ether" was a catch-all term. To science of that period there was no quantum anything - only solids, liquids and gases. Keely's work with rupturing the atom discovered the quantum world and many of its identities such as electrons, quarks, etc. Keely being the first to know about the quantum world was obliged to create his own jargon and names for these quantum particles and forces. In his general System he viewed nature as having two fundamental divisions (with many subdivisions). These two major divisions were celestial (non-newtonian, quantum, non-classical physics) and terrestrial (newtonian or classical physics).

"The magnetic cannot lead the electric, nor the electric the gravital, nor the gravital the magnetic. All are subservient to the dominant, as a train of cars is subservient to the locomotive which pulls it along; the only difference between the two is that one is sympathetic, the other mechanical." [Newton of the Mind]

Trinities of Duality
Figure 12.27 - Trinities of Duality

Figure 12.27 shows 1) the general division between the Celestial (depolar) and Terrestrial (polar) worlds, 2) the triune construction/nature of the seeming opposite "lower" states, 3) some of the terms sometimes used to describe or label these various states, 4) thoughts in the Mind create reality and 5) illustrates how the One or Dominant is creator and controller of the other two polar states. In this concept lies the understanding of the adage "Mind is the builder" often voiced by Cayce, Russell and Quimby and demonstrated by Keely in his mind controlled machines and expressed as so-called miracles of healing and manifestation shown by Sai Baba and others.

Figure 12.27 - Shows the Dominant (Celestial) as outside the physical but this is misleading. The Dominant operates from within the physical giving it structure, function and purpose. This graphic illustrates thought creates reality and all its elements.

Of course, there is a much more to the ideas conveyed in this graphic than are hinted at here.

"The physical organism (through the medium of celestial radiation) is a trinity, both in regard to its visible (terrestrial) form and the invisible sympathetic streams (celestial) which govern it, in its individual and combined movements." [Newton of the Mind]



All matter is a record of its potential at the place of its birth in its wave. Masses of matter, like buoys floating in the ocean to mark courses for ships, are floating in space to register the electric potential of the position of their birth.

Whenever matter is in the place of its birth, it belongs there. It is, therefore, in balance. It floats in its balanced field. In that position it is weightless in respect to anything else in the universe. Whenever it is taken from its field center, or becomes an eccentric part of another field, it is out of balance with the two forces acting upon it. It then has weight, and the measure of that weight is the measure of its unbalance with its out-of-place environment.

Weight of matter and measure of electric potential are one and the same thing. [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pages 181-182]

Animating energies come into being when etherealised (helium-like) ethericities of carbone and the condensed waste of solar energy in gaseous form, so-called oxygen, become bound together and emulsify. This happens when the intermixture of diffuse substances takes place where a process of reduction occurs in lieu of oxidation.
Whether animating or de-animating life-forces come into being is dependent on the way these substances intermix. The life-giving impulse can only be stimulated, if etherealised carbone (helium-like) ethericities bind the waste products of solar energy that materialise in the form of gas, i.e. so-called oxygen. On the other hand, decomposive, life-removing forces will be stimu- lated if the process of interaction proceeds in the reverse order. That is to say, if the oxygen ethericities bind the maternal ethericities of carbone. When heated, oxygen becomes aggressive, whereas with cold it becomes passive. [Schauberger, The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, page 12]

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