8.28 - Creative

The creative aspects are already mentioned and discussed under Signature = Chord. These are the inherent eigenfrequenices (naturally occuring or existing frequencies) and activated vibrations from striking, sympathetic stimulation and bowing, for instance. The created chord or signature is composed of three "invisible" yet tightly cohered (undifferentiated or harmonized) vibratory parts. The harmonic (attractive or passive), the enharmonic (transmissive or active) and what Keely called the Dominant which is the root or directing condition or influence that governs the other two. This Dominant condition is what Keely called a concordant attractive sympathetic stream between Neutral Centers. It is the same as gravity whose active state he called gravism, again covered by law:

Law of Force "Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony." [Keely, pre1894]

Creative Force sound source
Transmissive Force sound going through media
Attractive Force sound absorbed by a resonant object

see Sonity for another use of this term, as also Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances.

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