Laurence Oliphant

Laurence Oliphant (3 August 1829 – 23 December 1888), a Member of Parliament, was a South African-born British author, traveller, diplomat, British intelligence agent, Christian mystic, and Christian Zionist. In his lifetime, his best known book was his satirical novel Piccadilly (1870). In modern times, his scheme for planting Jewish agricultural colonies in the Holy Land, The Land of Gilead, draws more attention.

Oliphant was Member of Parliament for Stirling Burghs. Wikipedia, Laurence Oliphant

"The atom is surrounded with a dynasphere, or etheric capsule, which prevents the atoms from touching each other, inasmuch as this dynasphere is in inconceivably rapid motion. Dynaspheric force is broadly divided into two categories: the sentient and the non-sentient atoms (particles to it). Dynaspheric force, composed of non-sentient atoms, is the force used mechanically by Mr. Keely to his motor." [Laurence Oliphant] [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

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