John Andrew

"On the 10th of June, 1890, the Rev. John Andrew, of Belfast, whose pendulographs illustrate the ratios which rule in the domain of atmospheric vibrations, in which audible music has been located by the great numberer, wrote: "I think that now, at last, Keely's labours are about to be honorably recognized by the world of science. May he live to rejoice in his triumphs." Mr. Andrew, who was the friend of the late Dr. Macvicar, was instrumental in bringing "Sketch of a Philosophy" to Mrs. Moore's notice, and has maintained great interest in Keely's researches since he first heard of them." [Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science]

"The Rev. John Andrew, in his "Thoughts on the Evolution Theory of Creation", mentions that Haeckel gives the pedigree of man from primeval moneron in 22 stages. Stage 20 is the man-like ape; stage 21 is the ape-like man; stage 22 is the man; but he confesses that the 21st stage - the ape-like man - is entirely wanting in all the records." [True Science]


"Thou art Thyself the secret of Thy works;
Thou art the key: Thine image bear they all,
Or more or less. And heaven-born music, as
Thine ordinance in air and ear, and in
The balance of the force elastic, with
The gravitating force that holdeth all,—
Music the statute is, which more than most,
Of all that stands on Nature's statute-book,
Image and superscription—Three in one
In interlacing monogram doth show of Thee!"
Rev. John Andrew.
[Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Reflections on the Scheme1, page 43]

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