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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein

See Keely Chronology for the following articles in chronological order of publication. This list is not complete. There's more to come!

A Challenge to Keely

A Journey in Other Worlds - link to Astor's 1894 book about interplanetary travel using Apergy: Power Without Cost

A Keely Motor Tested

A New Keely Motor Raid

A Newly Discovered Law of Physics


A Rival to the Keely Motor

A Trustful Stockholder

Actienic Rays - graphic

Affairs of the Keely Motor Company

Amplitude of Force - article by Keely

Apergy - Power Without Cost - Morris

Are Physical and Spiritual Energies Identical by Mary Parmele

Astor, John Jacob - bio

Bloomfield-Moore, Clara Jessup - bio & photo 

Boekel Selected

KMC, Board of Directors - picture

Chord-Settings of Life - article by Keely

Concentric Rings graphic

Denies Keely was an Impostor

Disgusted Keely Motor Men

Disintegrator & Etheric Force demo picture

Disintegrator - 7 color photos

Doom of Steam - full text of a rare 1881 pamphlet


Dynamics of Mind

Dynaspheric Shells graphic

Ether - What Others Say


Ether and Its Functions

Ether theories - papers

Etheric Vapor Cannon & Lab picture

Everybody For Keely

Exposing Keelys Secret

Expressing Confidence in Keelys Motor

Forty Laws of Harmony - Keely

Globe (Dynasphere) Motor and Provisional Engine picture of original setup (See the videos.)

Hint of Our Philosophy - full text of a rare 1870 pamphlet by MacVicar


Historical Society of Philadelphia - as records on Moore and Keely

Inventor Keely in Jail

Keelys Court and Trial Records

Inventor Keelys Will Filed

Is Keely the new Mahatma?

Is It the Vibratory Keely?

James E. Keeleys Luck

Jessup & Moore Paper Company with biographical info

Keely & Dynasphere picture

Keely and His Motor

Keely Astronomy, 8 pages.

Keely Chronology, 109 pages.

Keely Confident of Success

Keely Definitions, 19 pages.

Keely Doubted

Keely Explains Again

Keely Forty Laws & Russell, 83 pages.

Keely in Contempt of Court

Keely Information, 75 pages.

Keely Matter and Energy, 16 pages.

A Keely Motor Tested

Keely Not Dead Yet

Keely Not Yet in Jail

Keely Not Yet Ready

Keely Obituary

Keely Out on Bail

Keely Photos

Keely Spinning Motor

Keely States

Keely Still Promising Wonders

Keely The Inventor Dead

Keely to be Sued

Keely to Divulge His Secret

Keely to Divulge the Secret

Keely Wishes to Keep His Secret

Keelys 1877 Room-sized Motor graphic

Keelys Acoustic Charts

Keelys Aerial Navigation

Keelys Alleged Motor

Keelys Change of Base

Keelys Charts of Atomic Molecular Dynasphere Morphology (graphic images)

Keelys Cool Confession

Keelys Court and Trial Records

Keelys Discoveries - full text of a rare 1890 pamphlet by Bloomfield-Moore detailing reactions of contemporary scientists to Keely's discoveries

Keelys Dissociation of Water

Keelys Etheric Vapor

Keely's Geometry, 20 pages.

Keelys Last Will and Testament

Keelys Latest Move, Suits Against Him

Keely's Laws of Harmony, 41 pages.

Keelys Machines - an Image Gallery

Keelys Motor

Keelys Motor, Astor Interested

Keelys Motor in Boston

Keely Motor closeup photos

Keelys Personal Estate

Keelys Red Letter Day

Keelys Secret

Keelys Secret Disclosed

Keelys Secret - He Explains His Mystic Force

Keelys Sunday in Jail

Keelys Three Books

Keelys Three Systems

Keelys Vaporic Force

Keelys Virtual Particles

Kinraide Will Work on Keelys Motor

Laws of Being - Prof. Brinton

Laws of Harmony - Keely

Leidy and Wilcox Visit Keelys Lab

Let Us Have Some Actual Useful Work



Levitating Gyroscopes - article by Keely

Lieut. Zalinski and Mr. Keely

Lux Naturae - Part 1

Lux Naturae - Part 2

Lux Naturae - Part 3

Lux Naturae - Part 4

Matter & Force - article by Keely showing principles of matter & force being interrelated

A Modern Wizard - The Keely Motor And Its Inventor

Motor Keely Gets Angry

Motor Men Disgusted

Mr. Keelys Contempt

Mr. Keelys Performances

Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore Dead

Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore on the Keely Motor

New York Home Journal Editorial

Newton of the Mind - Propellor of Keelys Airship Described


One Man to Know Keelys Secret

One Substance

Patent - Hydro Vacuo Engine, picture

Post Obituary

Propositions of Astronomy -Keely/Parker

Propositions of Geometry - Keely/Parker

Rid of Keely at Last

Robert Browning Eulogy - Bloomfield-Moore

Scientific Creation - Julian Hawthorne

Seeking Keelys Secret

Sketch of a Philosophy

Some Truths about Keely, 1896

The Doom of Steam, Babcock

The Coming Force, Bulwer Lytton

The Coming Force - from The Secret Doctrine

The Keely Motor2

The Keely Motor - What is Claimed for it

The Keely Motor - full text of pamphlet


The Keely Motor Again

The Keely Motor Company

The Keely Motor Completed

The Keely Motor Craze

The Keely Motor Experts

The Keely Motor - Feats of Which it is Capable

The Keely Motor Fight

The Keely Motor Humbug

The Keely Motor - It is Not a New Discovery

The Keely Motor Secret

The Keely Motor - What is Claimed for It

Keeper of the Keys

The Motor Gets Into Court

The New Motor

The New York Times article list

The Psychology of Keely

The Secret Out

The Secret Revealed

The Times Retort

Universal Fluid

Theosophical Siftings various articles

The Veil Withdrawn - exquisite article by Bloomfield-Moore introducing science of SVP

Vibrophone, graphic

What Electricity Is - Bloomfield Moore

What Has Keely Discovered

Where Keely Got His Idea

Will He Become a Medium

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