Mr. Keelys Contempt


NYT - PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 15, 1888. - Lawyer Rufus F. Shapley, counsel for Bennett C. Wilson, applied to Prothonotary Mann to-day to know why the writ of attachment for contempt of court had not been issued against Inventor John W. Keely. The Prothonotary informed Mr. Shapley that the writ must be issued by the Clerk of the court in which the rule was granted. Mr. Shapley then applied to the Clerk of Common Pleas Court No. 3, but the Clerk refused to issue the writ without a special order or a formal decree from the Judge. Mr. Shapley is now drawing up a decree which he will present to the court for approval upon which the attachment will be issued. Lawyer A.S.L. Shields, Mr. Shapley's associate in the case, said to-day that Keely would probably be brought into court on the attachment on Saturday. (The New York Times)

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