Theosophical Siftings

Periodical from the Theosophical Society published from 1888 - 1895. This periodical published a number of articles concerning John Keely.

Theosophical Society of America

Articles appearing in the Theosophical Siftings

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Theosophical Siftings 1888-1895 London
ThSift y1888 v1 i1 p1 - Theosophy & the Churches - (HP Blavatsky)
ThSift y1888 v1 i1 p1 - "Lucifer" to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Greeting! (rprnt Lutr Dec 1887) - (HP Blavatsky)
ThSift y1888 v1 i2 p15 - Ancient Opinions Upon Psychic Bodies (rprnt) - CC Massey (Dec 1879)
ThSift y1888 v1 i2 p20 - The Popular Idea of Soul Survival (rprnt) - (HPB) (Dec 1879)
ThSift y1888 v1 i3 p1 - A Synopsis of Baron du Prel's "Philosophie der Mystik" (rprnt Transactions of the LL) - Bertram Keightley
ThSift y1888 v1 i4 p1 - The Theosophical Movement (from the Calcutta Review) - AP Sinnett
ThSift y1888 v1 i4 p9 - What is the Theosophical Society? An Opinion in regard to what it ought to be (rprnt The Path) - anon
ThSift y1888 v1 i4 p12 - What is True Christianity? (rprnt The Path) - Franz Hartmann (Hartmam)
ThSift y1888 v1 i4 p16 - What Are Theosophists? (rprnt) - anon (HPB) (Oct 1879)
ThSift y1888 v1 i5 p1 - What is Matter and What is Force? (rprnt) - anon (KH) (Sept 1882)
ThSift y1888 v1 i5 p11 - The New Epidemics (rprnt) - anon (XX) (June 1886)
ThSift y1888 v1 i6 p14 - Esoteric Buddhism (rprnt Dublin University Review July 1885) - Charles Johnston
ThSift y1888 v1 i6 p18 - The Religions of Japan (Sadasad Vikaram na Sahate) (rprnt) - anon (Oct 1881)
ThSift y1888 v1 i11 p1 - The Higher Science - William Kingsland
ThSift y1888 v1 i12 p1 - Was Jesus a Perfect Man? - by the New Light - FD
ThSift y1888 v1 i12 p15 - (note) - TPS
ThSift y1888 v1 i13 p1 - The Hebrew Talisman - Introduction - Richard Harte
ThSift y1888 v1 i13 p5 - The Hebrew Talisman (rprntd from rare pamphlet circa 1836) - anon
ThSift y1888 v1 i14 p4 - Selflessness - Pilgrim (likely Wm Scott Elliott)
ThSift y1888 v1 i14 p11 - "Thelyphthoria" [exploitation of women] - Harij (likely JD Buck)
ThSift y1888 v1 i14 p17 - (with unbound coloured diagram) The Taro - or Divination by Cards - anon
ThSift y1888 v1 i14 p18 - (a) illustration - unbound coloured diagram - anon
ThSift y1888 v1 i15 p1 - Swedenborg Bifrons; or Swedenborg, the New Church Sect, & the Theosophical Society - A Critique - an FTS
ThSift y1888 v1 i16 p1 - Theosophical Concepts of Evolution & Religion - anon
ThSift y1888 v1 i6 p1 - Reincarnation - TB Harbottle
ThSift y1888 v1 i6 p9 - Divyatchakchus (The "Infinite Perception" of Japanese Esotericism) - C Pfoundes (Omoie)
ThSift y1888 v1 i7 p1 - Practical Occultism - Important to Students (rprnt Lutr April 1888) - HP Blavatsky
ThSift y1888 v1 i7 p8 - Occultism versus the Occult Arts (rprnt Lutr May 1888) - HP Blavatsky
ThSift y1888 v1 i8 p1 - Epitome of Theosophical Teachings - William Quan Judge
ThSift y1888 v1 i9 p1 - Keely's Secrets - Introduction - Richard Harte
ThSift y1888 v1 i9 p10 - Keely's Secrets (1) Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force - Mrs Bloomfield Moore
ThSift y1888 v1 i9 p24 - Keelys Secrets - Part 2 - One Phase of Keelys Discovery in Its Relation to the Cure of Disease - Mrs Bloomfield Moore
ThSift y1888 v1 i10 p1 - Nature-Spirits or Elementals - Nizida (likely Louise Off)
ThSift y1888 v1 i10 p15 - (On) the Difference between Elementals & Elementaries - Nizida
ThSift y1889 v1 i17 p5 - The Inter-Relation of Supernatural Phenomena - JW Brodie Innes
ThSift y1889 v1 i17 p14 - The Ethics of Theosophy - Katharine Hillard
ThSift y1889 v1 i18 p1 - Parabrahm (tr from Le Lotus by GRS Mead) - Amaravella (Edouard J Coulomb)
ThSift y1889 v2 i1 p2 - advertisement - books - Theosophical Publishing Company, London
ThSift y1889 v2 i1 p3 - advertisement - books - Theosophical Publishing Company, London
ThSift y1889 v2 i1 p4 - plate - Scholae magicae Typus (alchemical iconic imagery) - (Allen Scott)
ThSift y1889 v2 i1 p5 - Alchemy - Difficulties & Dangers in its Pursuit - Parabolanus
ThSift y1889 v2 i2 p1 - The Possibilities of Scientific Prophecy - Sylvester Baxter
ThSift y1889 v2 i2 p10 - The Five Enemies - Alexander Fullerton
ThSift y1889 v2 i2 p17 - Theosophy as a Guide in Life - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i3 p1 - The Curse of Separateness - JW Brodie-Innes
ThSift y1889 v2 i3 p6 - Mutual & Interdependent Action of Karma & Free Will - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i3 p12 - Divine Heartache (rprnt) - anon (Gyanbhikshachari) (June 1887)
ThSift y1889 v2 i4 p1 - "The Old Wisdom-Religion", now called "Theosophy" - JD Buck
ThSift y1889 v2 i4 p20 - The Genius of Christendom & The Law of Christ - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i5 p1 - Universal Brotherhood - Alexander Fullerton
ThSift y1889 v2 i5 p8 - The Scientific Basis of Occultism - Herbert Coryn
ThSift y1889 v2 i5 p17 - Practical Theosophy - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i6 p1 - The Valley of the Quest - Pilgrim
ThSift y1889 v2 i6 p17 - Karma as a Cure for Trouble - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i7 p1 - Theosophy & Modern Socialism - J Brailsford-Bright
ThSift y1889 v2 i7 p21 - Practical Work for Theosophists - Annie Besant
ThSift y1889 v2 i8 p1 - Theosophia, or Divine Wisdom - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i8 p11 - Theosophy in Daily Life - J Campbell ver Planck FTS
ThSift y1889 v2 i8 p17 - Lonely Musings (1a) (rprnt) - anon (Pilgrim) (Dec 1885)
ThSift y1889 v2 i8 p19 - To Theosophists (partial list of shirtmaking firms paying fair wages) - (Clementina Black)
ThSift y1889 v2 i9 p1 - What Theosophy & its Society should be - Camille Lemaître (Lemaitre )
ThSift y1889 v2 i9 p11 - Leaves from Occult Philosophy - E Adams
ThSift y1889 v2 i9 p16 - The Necessity for Reincarnation - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i10 p1 - A Sketch of the Theosophic Organization (compiled from the Theosophist & Official Reports) - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i10 p20 - Fraternitas - (A. Pioda jr)
ThSift y1889 v2 i11 p1 - What is Theosophy? (rprnt New York Herald of Aug 18 1889) - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i11 p19 - An Open Letter to the Readers of Lucifer & All True Theosophists - HP Blavatsky
ThSift y1889 v2 i12 p1 - The Life of a Christian Philosopher (Jacob Boehme 1575-1624) - Franz Hartmann
ThSift y1889 v2 i12 p17 - Spirituality - anon
ThSift y1889 v2 i13 p1 - Let us be Practical - Annie Wolf (Em'ly)
ThSift y1889 v2 i13 p9 - A Glimpse into Theosophy - FA Brodie-Innes
ThSift y1889 v2 i13 p15 - Personalities (rprnt The Path Nov 1887) - Harij
ThSift y1889 v2 i13 p18 - What is Theosophy? - HAV
ThSift y1889 v2 i14 p1 - Acquired Habits (rprnt Lutr May 1888) - AIR
ThSift y1889 v2 i14 p7 - Psychometry & Thought-Transference - anon
ThSift y1890 v2 i15 p1 - Thought Transference - anon
ThSift y1890 v2 i15 p18 - Theosophy & the Present Age - FTS
ThSift y1890 v2 i16 p1 - A General View of Theosophy - ACW
ThSift y1890 v2 i16 p6 - A Privileged Letter - Hope
ThSift y1890 v2 i16 p9 - Theosophy & Orthodoxy (1) - William Kingsland
ThSift y1890 v2 i17 p3 - Theosophy & Orthodoxy (2) - William Kingsland
ThSift y1890 v2 i17 p14 - Practical Hints for Theosophists - Kate E Mills
ThSift y1890 v2 i17 p18 - Am I my Brothers Keeper? (rprnt The Path, Aug 1887) - American Mystic (likely WQ Judge)
ThSift y1890 v2 i18 p1 - The Soul according to the Qabalah (1) The Soul During Life (rprnt Sphinx, tr Thomas Williams) - C de Leiningen
ThSift y1890 v2 i18 p8 - The Soul according to the Qabalah (2) The Soul in Death (from the Sphynx, tr Thomas Williams) - C de Leiningen
ThSift y1890 v2 i18 p9 - (unusual diagram - prescient of some in Occult Chemistry) - anon
ThSift y1890 v2 i18 p15 - Sympathy - Katharine Hillard
ThSift y1890 v3 i1 p3 - Capital Punishment - Franz Hartmann
ThSift y1890 v3 i1 p10 - The Old, Old Story (vfs - Love's Altar & Love's Sacrifice) - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i2 p3 - Preface - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i2 p5 - Some Practical Suggestions for Daily Life (Sunday ... Saturday) - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i2 p17 - Some Hints on the Theosophical Training of Children - Francis S Annesley
ThSift y1890 v3 i3 p3 - A Summary of Bertram Keightley's Lectures in America - (Bertram Keightley)
ThSift y1890 v3 i3 p16 - AUM (tr Thomas Williams, FTS) - Hadji-Erinn (MST) (likely WQ Judge)
ThSift y1890 v3 i4 p3 - Theosophical Symbology: Some hints towards the interpretation of the Symbolism of the seal of the Society - GRS Mead
ThSift y1890 v3 i4 p17 - On Dynaspheric Force (rprnt Lutr Sept 1888) - Laurence Oliphant
ThSift y1890 v3 i5 p3 - Vivisection - Eleanor M James
ThSift y1890 v3 i5 p5 - "Violationism" or, Sorcery in Science - Anna Kingsford
ThSift y1890 v3 i5 p15 - Ltte - Vivisection in India - (from Reis & Ravvet) - James Routledge
ThSift y1890 v3 i5 p19 - Contentment (rprnt) - Grace Hawthorn (Oct 1889)
ThSift y1890 v3 i6 p3 - Theosophy & Modern World Problems - JW Brodie-Innes
ThSift y1890 v3 i6 p8 - The Rosicrucians (rprnt) - Karl Kisewetter (April 1886)
ThSift y1890 v3 i7 p1 - Have Animals Souls? (1) (rprnt) - HP Blavatsky (Jan 1886)
ThSift y1890 v3 i7 p8 - Have Animals Souls? (2) (rprnt) - HP Blavatsky (Feb 1886)
ThSift y1890 v3 i7 p15 - Have Animals Souls? (3) (rprnt) - HP Blavatsky (March 1886)
ThSift y1890 v3 i7 p24 - The Astral Light - Louise A. Off
ThSift y1890 v3 i8 p3 - The Masters of Wisdom - E Adams
ThSift y1890 v3 i8 p24 - The Tract Mailing Scheme - Alice Gordon
ThSift y1890 v3 i9 p1 - Inauguration of the European Headquarters - at Headquarters - 19 Avenue rd, St John's Wood - Annie Besant, AP Sinnett, Mrs Wolf, GRSM +
ThSift y1890 v3 i9 p24 - The Standpoints of Theosophy (rprnt: The Standpoint of the Theosophists) - An (old Asiatic) Indian Theosophist (1885 6)
ThSift y1890 v3 i9 p28 - A Few Truths about Theosophy (rprnt) - Bhagavan Das (Sept 1889)
ThSift y1890 v3 i10 p3 - On The Scientific Importance of Dream - Katharine Hillard
ThSift y1890 v3 i10 p14 - Why one should join the Theosophical Society - BK
ThSift y1890 v3 i10 p18 - The Taro - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i11 p1 - Reincarnation - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i11 p13 - The Tarot Cards (this article was inserted in error by the printers!) - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i11 p16 - filler (Meditations) - Marcus Aurelius
ThSift y1890 v3 i11 p17 - Theosophy & Dogma (rprnt Lutr June 1889) - William Kingsland
ThSift y1890 v3 i12 p1 - Cremation - considered from the point of view of the Religions of the East - Franz Hartmann
ThSift y1890 v3 i12 p13 - Some Biographical Data of Dr Hartmann (A Mystic of the present time) (extract Phoenix, April 1890) - Emil Hirsch
ThSift y1890 v3 i12 p15 - The Power to Heal (rprnt) - anon (HPB) (April 1883)
ThSift y1890 v3 i13 p3 - National Karma - Kate E Mills FTS
ThSift y1890 v3 i13 p15 - Atlantis - from the Timaeus & Critias of Plato (rprnt Lutr Aug 1888) - EEO (EE Theta)
ThSift y1890 v3 i14 p3 - The Mayas - Madame Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
ThSift y1890 v3 i14 p16 - Individuality & Personality - anon
ThSift y1890 v3 i15 p1 - Keely & Science (2a) compiled (Keely and Science - Part 2) - Keely & Clara Jessup Moore
ThSift y1890 v3 i15 p16 - Keely & Science (2b) Keely Motor Bubble - Clara Jessup Moore
ThSift y1890 v3 i16 p1 - not issued -
ThSift y1891 v3 i17 p1 - A New Year's Greeting - Constance Wachtmeister
ThSift y1891 v3 i17 p5 - A Lecture to Enquirers into Theosophy & Practical Occultism - WW Westcott FTS
ThSift y1891 v3 i17 p13 - filler (Essays & Fragments) - Shelley
ThSift y1891 v3 i17 p14 - Simon Magus (tr by Thomas Williams from La Revue Theosophique, Feb 1890) - Jules Doinel
ThSift y1891 v3 i17 p19 - filler (Life & Doctrines of Jacob Boehme) - Franz Hartmann
ThSift y1891 v3 i17 p20 - Ode on Self (vf) (tr of Sri Sankaracharya's Sonnet Atma-Khatak) - AG
ThSift y1891 v3 i18 p3 - On the Treatment of Criminals & Lunatics - Sepharial
ThSift y1891 v3 i18 p12 - From Flesh-Eating to Fruit-Eating - E Frances Williams FTS
ThSift y1891 v3 i18 p20 - filler - (from On abstinence from animal food tr Thomas Taylor) - Porphyry
ThSift y1891 v4 i1 p3 - Why is Theosophy True? - WGW
ThSift y1891 v4 i1 p16 - An Indian Bethesda (well with healing waters, at Kuttai, India) - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i2 p3 - A Sketch of Theosophy - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i2 p18 - Thoughts on Theosophy - AO
ThSift y1891 v4 i2 p20 - Hymn to the Stars - The Fumigation from Aromatics (vf) (from the Orphic Hymns, tr Thomas Taylor) - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i3 p3 - Introduction - The Collaborateur
ThSift y1891 v4 i3 p3 - On the Ancient Magic Crystal & its Probable Connection with Mesmerism (rprnt Zoist c 1850) - P.
ThSift y1891 v4 i3 p7 - Note - LLD
ThSift y1891 v4 i3 p9 - The Ancient Magic Crystal & its Connection with Mesmerism - Frederick Hockley
ThSift y1891 v4 i4 p3 - Topics in Reincarnation (1) - anon (AF)
ThSift y1891 v4 i4 p10 - Topics in Reincarnation (2) - anon (AF)
ThSift y1891 v4 i4 p15 - Topics in Reincarnation (3) - Alexander Fullerton
ThSift y1891 v4 i4 p20 - filler - extracts from the Neralamba-Upanishad of Sukla-Yajur-Veda (rprnt) - (tr Kumbakonam TS) (April 1890)
ThSift y1891 v4 i5 p1 - The Ministry of Pain, The Meaning of Sorrow, & the Hope of the World - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i5 p12 - A Blighting Curse - JD Buck
ThSift y1891 v4 i5 p20 - Extracts from the Neralamba-Upanishads of Sukla-yajur-Veda - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i6 p3 - Marriage in the Mineral World - EAW
ThSift y1891 v4 i6 p13 - Theosophy in Home Life - FA Brodie-Innes
ThSift y1891 v4 i6 p17 - Happiness - E Frances Williams FTS
ThSift y1891 v4 i6 p20 - filler - moral sayings from the Mahabharata (rprnt) - anon (Oct 1887)
ThSift y1891 v4 i7 p3 - The Kingdom of Light & the Secret of Love (compiled) - Franz Hartmann
ThSift y1891 v4 i7 p23 - filler - Bhagavad Gita chpt 10 - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i7 p24 - Evolution & the Monad - Katharine Hillard
ThSift y1891 v4 i7 p30 - 2 fillers - Grains of Corn & Bhagavata Gita Bk 12 - Thomas A. Kempis & anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i8 p3 - Eastern Psychology - The Missing Link Between Religion & Science - GRS Mead
ThSift y1891 v4 i8 p12 - The Astral Plane in the Physical Plane (tr Thomas Williams from Revue Theosophique, Nov 1889) - Guymiot
ThSift y1891 v4 i8 p19 - Lonely Musings (1n) - A Pilgrim (rprnt) (Dec 1885)
ThSift y1891 v4 i9 p3 - Alchemy in the 19th C (tr from La Revue Theosophique) - HP Blavatsky
ThSift y1891 v4 i9 p19 - Initiation (rprnt) - K. (March 1888)
ThSift y1891 v4 i10 p3 - Light from the East - Speeches (1) - HS Olcott
ThSift y1891 v4 i10 p11 - Light from the East - Speeches (2) - AP Sinnett
ThSift y1891 v4 i10 p15 - Light from the East - Speeches (3) - Herbert Burrows
ThSift y1891 v4 i10 p21 - Light from the East - Speeches (4) - Bertram Keightley
ThSift y1891 v4 i10 p24 - Light from the East - Speeches (5) - William Quan Judge
ThSift y1891 v4 i10 p26 - Light from the East - Speeches (6) - Annie Besant
ThSift y1891 v4 i11 p2 - Note - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i11 p3 - Keely & Science (3) True Science (compiled) - Mrs Bloomfield Moore & Keely
ThSift y1891 v4 i11 p23 - About the Secret Doctrine of the Initiates (tr from the Swedish) - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i11 p30 - An Egyptian Allegory (vf) (from The Book of the Dead) - Katharine Hillard
ThSift y1891 v4 i12 p3 - Theosophy & Theosophical Christianity - CM FTS
ThSift y1891 v4 i12 p13 - A Fragment on the Requirements of a Theosophical Life - Louise A. Off (Louise H Off)
ThSift y1891 v4 i12 p17 - Aspiration & Environment (rprnt Lutr Oct 1888) - Ernest Hawthorn FTS
ThSift y1891 v4 i13 p3 - The Septenary Nature of Consciousness - Macrocosmic & Microcosmic - Alice Leighton Cleather
ThSift y1891 v4 i13 p8 - diagram - Mendelejeff's Periodic Law (table; 7x8) - anon
ThSift y1891 v4 i13 p14 - Theosophy (rprnt) - Allen Griffiths (April 1889)
ThSift y1891 v4 i14 p3 - Karma & Sentiment - anon (AF)
ThSift y1891 v4 i14 p8 - Karmic Suggestions - anon (AF)
ThSift y1891 v4 i14 p13 - Karmic Perplexities - anon (AF)
ThSift y1891 v4 i14 p18 - The Creation of Karma - anon (AF)
ThSift y1891 v4 i14 p23 - Men Karmic Agents - Alexander Fullerton
ThSift y1891 v4 i15 - not issued -
ThSift y1891 v4 i16 p1 - An Elementary Note on the Seven Principles - John William Brodie-Innes
ThSift y1892 v4 i17 p3 - The Mission of Theosophy - William Kingsland FTS
ThSift y1892 v4 i17 p11 - Illusion - FK FTS
ThSift y1892 v4 i17 p15 - The Magical Evocation of Apollonius of Tyana (from Dogme et Rituel ...) (rprnt) - Eliphas Levi (Dec 1882)
ThSift y1892 v4 i18 p3 - A Glance at the Three First Races of Mankind - Sapere Aude (likely Wm Wynn Westcott)
ThSift y1892 v4 i18 p13 - The Gardner & His Pupils - Ralph Lanesdale
ThSift y1892 v4 i18 p16 - filler - (The Temple of the Rosy Cross) - FB Dowd
ThSift y1892 v4 i99 p1 - Dedication of Hartmann's "Life of Joshua" (not seen in vol 4) (unbound leaf) -
ThSift y1892 v5 i1 p3 - Keely's Progress (1) Wisdom in Mystery - ((CJBM|Clara Jessup (Mrs Bloomfield) Moore))
ThSift y1892 v5 i1 p8 - Keely's Progress (2) The Connecting Link between Mind & Matter - Clara Jessup Moore & Keely
ThSift y1892 v5 i1 p29 - ... the Philadelphia scientist, JW Keely - (rprnt Invention, London, Dec 12 1891) - William Norman Brown
ThSift y1892 v5 i2 p3 - Theosophy & Art - R Machell FTS
ThSift y1892 v5 i2 p16 - Is the Buddhist an Atheist? (rprnt Lutr May 1889) - Remsen Whitehouse
ThSift y1892 v5 i2 p20 - filler - Golden Words - Jamblichus & Alexander Wilder
ThSift y1892 v5 i2 p21 - filler - A Strange Mesmeric Phenomenon - NA Fadeeff
ThSift y1892 v5 i3 p3 - Spiritualism in its Relation to Theosophy - Emily Kislingbury
ThSift y1892 v5 i3 p17 - Karma & Free-Will - An Elementary Study - Emily Kislingbury
ThSift y1892 v5 i4 p3 - Heaven & Hell - Alice Leighton Cleather
ThSift y1892 v5 i4 p18 - "Omar Khayam" - Alice Leighton Cleather
ThSift y1892 v5 i5 p3 - The Secret Doctrine & the Higher Evolution of Man - JD Buck
ThSift y1892 v5 i5 p17 - Notes on Theosophy & Education (rprnt Lutr Aug 1890) - Bertram Keightley
ThSift y1892 v5 i5 p22 - Conduct - Maurice Fredal
ThSift y1892 v5 i6 p3 - The Philosophy of Self-Knowledge or the Mystery of the 3 Worlds revealing itself in Man - Franz Hartmann
ThSift y1892 v5 i6 p22 - fillers - Oracles (tr Thomas Taylor) - Proclus
ThSift y1892 v5 i7 p3 - Theosophy & the Hebrew Scriptures - anon
ThSift y1892 v5 i7 p12 - The World's Crucified Saviours (rprnt New Californian) - Jerome A. Anderson
ThSift y1892 v5 i8 p3 - Public Speeches at the 2nd Annual Conv. of the Erpn Sctn of the TS - WQJ, GRSM, ABT, HBS, Count Leiningen
ThSift y1892 v5 i9 p3 - The World as Object & Subject - Walter R Old (1864-1929)
ThSift y1892 v5 i9 p11 - filler - ("You cannot speak of ocean to a well-frog ...") - Chuang Tze
ThSift y1892 v5 i9 p12 - Ethics of Theosophy - Edward Ellis
ThSift y1892 v5 i9 p18 - A Beginner's Sorrows - Ernest Hawthorn
ThSift y1892 v5 i10 p3 - Astral Bodies - HP Blavatsky & Mabel Collins
ThSift y1892 v5 i10 p10 - The Mysteries of the Afterlife - HP Blavatsky
ThSift y1892 v5 i11 p3 - Faith by Science - The Dawn of a New Order of Things (compiled) - Clara Jessup Moore
ThSift y1892 v5 i11 p20 - The Dawn (vf) - Clara Jessup Moore
ThSift y1892 v5 i11 p22 - review - A New Creed (Human & Humane) by David Sinclair - Clara Jessup Moore
ThSift y1892 v5 i12 p3 - Man's Relation to the Phenomenal World - Oswald Murray
ThSift y1892 v5 i12 p6 - (Transcending or Trance-sending) - Oswald Murray
ThSift y1892 v5 i12 p12 - (Persistence of Individuality) - Oswald Murray
ThSift y1892 v5 i12 p14 - (The Real & Impermanent Aspects of Experience) - Oswald Murray
ThSift y1892 v5 i12 p18 - Doubts (rprnt Lutr May 1890) - S.
ThSift y1892 v5 i13 p3 - Hermetic Philosophy - PW Bullock
ThSift y1892 v5 i13 p16 - The Occultism of Southern India (rprnt) - T Subba Row & Ed. (Jan 1889)
ThSift y1892 v5 i14 p3 - The Mystic Side of Christianity - Emily Kislingbury
ThSift y1892 v5 i14 p15 - Christmas Peace (rprnt Lutr Dec 1889) - George W Allen
ThSift y1893 v5 i15 p3 - Theosophical Conceptions of Compassion & Human Affection - CM FTS
ThSift y1893 v5 i15 p12 - The Planetary Chain (rprnt) - GRS Mead (Aug 1891)
ThSift y1893 v5 i16 p3 - Some Anomalies in the Biblical Views of the Constitution of Man, etc - Sapere Aude
ThSift y1893 v5 i16 p15 - Reincarnations in Tibet (rprnt) - anon (HPB) (March 1892)
ThSift y1893 v5 i17 p3 - Studies in Buddhism (rprnt) - AP Sinnett (April, May, June 1887)
ThSift y1893 v6 i1 p3 - The Bhagavad Gita or Song Celestial - E Adams
ThSift y1893 v6 i4 p3 - Theosophy & Modern Science - HT Edge
ThSift y1893 v6 i4 p13 - The Symbolism in Yagna (rprnt) - PR Venkatarama Iyer (April 1890)
ThSift y1893 v6 i5 p3 - Death - Sapere Aude
ThSift y1893 v6 i5 p13 - The Iranian Oannes (rprnt) - NDK FTS (Jan 1885)
ThSift y1893 v6 i5 p16 - The Legend of the Fish (rprnt) - NDK FTS (March 1885)
ThSift y1893 v6 i6 p3 - Psychic & Noetic Action (rprnt Lutr Oct, Nov 1890) - HP Blavatsky
ThSift y1893 v6 i7 p3 - Emerson & Theosophy - PC Ward
ThSift y1893 v6 i7 p17 - The Qualifications needed for Practical Occultism (rprnt) - TCC (May 1892)
ThSift y1893 v6 i8 p1 - Egyptian Belief - Theosophically Considered - PW Bullock
ThSift y1893 v6 i8 p22 - What is Prana? - Herbert Coryn
ThSift y1893 v6 i9 p1 - Occult Physiology (rprnt) - Narrainasawmy Iyer (March 1891)
ThSift y1893 v6 i9 p11 - Notes on Hata (Hatha) Yoga (rprnt) - Solar Sphinx (Dec 1886)
ThSift y1893 v6 i9 p13 - Brahmopanishad of the Yajur Veda (rprnt) - CR Srinivasa Ayangar (Feb 1891)
ThSift y1893 v6 i9 p20 - filler - Gleanings - various
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ThSift y1893 v6 i11 p3 - Evolution - RB Holt
ThSift y1893 v6 i11 p20 - Peace of Mind - W Beale
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ThSift y1893 v6 i12 p11 - Karma - Reginald Machell
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ThSift y1893 v6 i14 p1 - A Word on Man, his Nature & his Powers - Annie Besant
ThSift y1893 v6 i2 p1 - Priesthoods - anon
ThSift y1893 v6 i2 p11 - Akasa-Ether - The First Duality - R. B. Holt
ThSift y1893 v6 i3 p1 - On Gems - PWB (perhaps Percy William Bullock)
ThSift y1893 v6 i3 p3 - On the Hidden Properties of Gems - FL Gardner
ThSift y1894 v6 i15 p1 - Christian Rosenkreuz & the Rosicrucians - W Wynn Westcott
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ThSift y1894 v6 i18 p19 - The Ethical Aspect of Theosophy not the Only Aspect - HT Edge
ThSift y1894 v7 i1 p1 - Moral Aspect of Karma - E Adams
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ThSift y1894 v7 i5 p1 - Theosophy & the Alcohol Question - Herbert Coryn
ThSift y1894 v7 i5 p12 - The World we Live in - R Machell
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ThSift y1894 v7 i7 p3 - Consciousness - RB Holt
ThSift y1894 v7 i7 p19 - The Heresy of Separateness (rprnt Lutr) - J.
ThSift y1894 v7 i8 p3 - The Myth of Prometheus, or the Coming of Creative Power to Man - C.
ThSift y1894 v7 i9 p3 - Plethora - RC Fisher
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ThSift y1894 v7 i14 p12 - The Evolution of Man - Fellow AE Clover
ThSift y1895 v7 i15 p3 - Preface - Ed. TPS
ThSift y1895 v7 i15 p4 - An Essay On the Beautiful (from the Greek of Plotinus) Introduction (rprnt 1792) - Thomas Taylor
ThSift y1895 v7 i15 p8 - Concerning the Beautiful - Plotinus
ThSift y1895 v7 i16 p3 - On the Cave of the Nymphs in the 13th Book of the Odyssey (rprnt Select Works of Porphyry tr Thomas Taylor) - Porphyry
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ThSift y1895 v7 i18 p1 - Devachan (Heavenworld) (rprnt Lutr Nov, Dec 1894; Jan 1895) - Herbert AW Coryn
ThSift y1895 v7 i18 p20 - Brahma (vf) - RW Emerson

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