triple vibratory sphere engine

"About November 1884 Keely was conducting new researches in Etheric vacuums. He says: "Working in a new lead I propose to show my introductory evolutions in proof of the negatization of an Etheric substance to produce vacuums. Professor Rogers saw the operation inducing these Etheric vacuums and pronounced the result wonderful." At that time he evolved vacuums of from one pound to fourteen pounds per square inch, and he stated further: "As soon as I combine all the positive and negative forces of Etheric vibration in the triple vibratory sphere engine (his Disintegrator) my machine will be perfect." During the course of his researches he demonstrated "Etheric wave motion, concentration under vibratory concussion and negative vacuous tenuity." During the last part of his experiments along this line he succeeded in producing vacuums of from 30 inches to 57 inches of mercury in the ordinary barometer tubes used in measuring these vacuums, which would be utterly impossible by any mechanical means except genuine.

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