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MacVicar's theory that matter, in being transformed into ether produces phosphorescence, was proved by Keely to be correct. Light is evolved in electric action by corpuscular bombardment induced by sympathetic action between the several neutral centers, solid, gaseous, which are all in a state of unstable equilibrium. Phosphorescence was shown to be produced experimentally when matter is transformed into its constituent ether. In one experiment inducing luminosity, ozone was liberated by molecular percussion and a pressure of 110,000 lbs. per square inch was registered on the special testing lever.

Considering the vibration of a ray of light as 500,000,000,000,000 per second, it is easy to account for the origin of light and heat by the action of sympathetic celestial streams. These two elements belong to the highest orders of the phenomenal, and can be accounted for by considering sympathetic streams under high velocity as being interchangeable both to and from focalized neutral centers.

Light and heat do not exist in space. They are evolved from the earth's atmospheric envelope by the percussion of the vibratory sympathetic streams emanating from the neutral center of the sun. Only in this way can we account for the visibility of the planets. The solution of the whole mystery concerning light and heat which are in a certain sense, one and the same, being interchangeable is that the sympathetic etheric stream bombards the dense portion of the molecular in seeking the sympathetic concordant focalized neutral center of the planetary or molecular mass.

Light is an etheric evolution propagated by "sympathetic conflict" between the "celestial" and "terrestrial" outflows: solar tensions against terrestrial condensations and true luminosity is induced in no other way. Progressive molecular and intermolecular disintegration reproduces light in Nature's manner on a small scale. In this regard Keely says "All such experiments invariably resulted in vortex motion, whether induced sympathetically or otherwise. All corpuscular action in Nature is vortex motion. The undulatory theory of light is only hypothetical. The conditions of electro-magnetic radiation, on the same plane of matter as light, disprove the undulatory theory in many particulars. The vortex action induced by differential conflict between the low and high tensions shows conditions analogous to those in the molecular dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen in other words, vortex action of the highest order but peripheral only. Were it otherwise, the ether could not be held suspended or enclosed in the molecular or atomic envelopes."

From the velocity of the sympathetic stream from the sun, the earth's standard of light and heat is kept up and is preserved in balance. The velocity of the flow liberates light and heat in varying degrees of intensity, which is proportional to the angle of this sympathetic projectment. The celestial sympathetic streams, percussing on the earth's atmospheric envelope, wrest from atomic confinement the latent energies we call light and heat.

"The activity of the "luminiferous ether" or seventh subdivision, is such that by its frequency it evolves self-luminescence. The activity manifested by the ether in self-luminescence indicates a still greater region beyond. "Corpuscular activity" represents the outflow of the ether from the luminiferous toward neutral centers or aggregation, revealing the connecting link between mind and matter. This luminosity has no thermal accompaniment and yet, paradoxically, all thermal conditions evolve from etheric vibration.

"If our hearing were intensified a thousand million times, we might be able to hear the streams of light as plainly as we now hear the wind.

"Considering the very complicated spectrum of most of the elements, the multiplicity of lines may possibly be caused by an apsidal motion in the molecule by the interaction between high and low tenuous matter. However, the molecule cannot disturb the ether: such conditions fall far below the etheric subdivision.

"I believe the motion to be a series of harmonic elliptic movements accompanied by a slow apsidal movement, the combinations of which will produce two circular motions of different amplitudes whose differing periods might correspond to two lines in the spectrum. I believe, however, each spectrum line consists not of two close lines but of compound triple lines. We will have to wait until an instrument is invented as perfect in its parts as the sympathetic field environing matter, before this assumption can be proved." Michelson invented the interferometer several years after Keely's death, which was able to divide the apparently simple lines of the spectrum and proves Keely's idea to be substantially correct.

"Maxwell is correct in concluding that the plane of polarized light is the plane of the magnetic force. (Plane of matter). They therefore "travel in the same path for both are interatomic, assimilating sympathetically in a definite time period to continue in the same ray, although the experimental evolution of the one in my experiments, precedes the other. The sympathetic vibrations associated with polarized light constitute the pure coincident or vibrational ratio of the plane of magnetism."

"Light is induced by electromagnetic percussion from the ether and represents the plane of action of magnetism, in fact, the plane of magnetism under polarization. Light incident to any body does not press upon it. Prof. Crookes' radiometer is rotated by corpuscular bombardment."

"There are aqueous undulations but no etheric undulations. The conditions under which light is evolved make impossible any of the phenomena of undulations."

"Physicists, combating with the problems concerned with the fourth subdivision of matter, are working in the wrong direction to explain the phenomena of luminosity. The conditions they cite in proof of their theories are isolated and robbed of their most vital essentials. They do not consider the vibrations associated with matter. That luminosity can be caused by chemical antagonisms should have proved a stepping stone to a more correct knowledge and consequently they cannot arrive at a comprehension of the functions and properties of matter."

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