disintegratory sphere

''"Keely demonstrated to his own satisfaction that progressive subdivision evolves new and distinct elements "too multiple to enumerate." But he was not primarily interested in transmutation, and so intent was he on unlocking the vast storehouse of Nature's illimitable energy that he did not give the deeper significance of the transmutation going on in his disintegratory sphere, more than a passing thought. When cleaning out his sphere which he had used for some time in the disintegration of water, he found a gummy substance, which was tested, either by himself or some one else, in a flame and the emitted spectrum examined. Whoever did the testing claimed that the lines of nitrogen were present, but in the comparatively crude knowledge of that day, they would have been unable to recognize even an isomer of oxygen or nitrogen, not to speak of an absolutely new element of gaseous form. Professor Crookes, on hearing the published news that Keely had discovered nitrogen in his disintegratory sphere, practically called Keely an impostor and ridiculed the possibility of obtaining nitrogen even, from hydrogen and water. [TRANSMUTATION BY SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION]

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