"If our sight could reach into the remote depths of the interstitial spaces which exist between the molecular ranges and observe their wonderful action, in their oscillating motion, to and from each other, as guided by the Infinite in their sphere of vibrating action could we comprehend the astonishing velocity of their gaseous capsules, combined as it is with the accompanying acoustic force, we would be, as it were, paralyzed with amazement. But we would then only be bordering on the still more remote depths of the interstitial atomic realm stretching far down to wards the neutral depths of the interatomic, and again, still farther to the borders of its etheric neutral radiating center.

"If our earth were to be submitted to the force governing the rotative action of the molecule, in its gaseous envelope, and its oscillatory range of motion were in the same ratio to the differential magnitude of each, the force of the vibration induced by the atmospheric surrounding would, in a short time, disintegrate its full volume, precipitating it into a ring of impalpable intermolecular dust, many thousands of miles in diameter. If brought face to face with such conditions we could better understand the mighty and sympathetic force which exists in the far remote domain of the molecular and atomic embrace.

"The question arise, how and by what means are we able to measure the velocity of these capsules and the differential range of their vibratory actions? Also, how can we prove beyond dispute that facts relating to their sympathetic government? By progressive disintegration, this is the only way, and it is accomplished by the proper exciters of vibratory focalization, the introductory acoustic impulses which negatize their molecular, intermolecular, atomic, and interatomic media of neutral attractions, towards their focalized centers of sympathetic aggregation.

"I hold that the sympathetic neutral flow which exists in this remote region is the latent power that, under the disintegration of water, is liberated, showing immense volume and infinite pressure. The same condition of latent power exists in metallic masses and paradoxical as it may seem, exerts its force, under the proper exciter, only in a negative attractive way, while in water in a positive one. In minerals under liberation this latent power seeks its medium of tenuous equilibrium, leaving behind an impalpable dust, that represents molecular dissociation. [see E equals mc2]

"In order to get at the conditions which govern and give introductory impulses to that peculiar force which acts on the sympathetic medium that associates matter with matter, inducing magnetic antagonisms, it will be necessary to explain the triune conditions that govern sympathetic streams, as also the triune conditions of corpuscular association.

"All forces in nature are mind force|mind forces; magnetic, electric, galvanic, acoustic, solar, are all governed by the triune streams of celestial infinity, as also the molecular, intermolecular, atomic and interatomic. The remote depths of all their acoustic centers become subservient to the third, sixth and ninth position of the diatonic, harmonic and enharmonic chords, which when resonantly induced, concentrate concordant harmony, by reducing their range of corpuscular motion, drawing them as if towards each other's neutral center of attractive infinity. [see 14.35.1 - Keely 3 6 and 9]

"The sympathetic acoustic exciters, or impulses are: 1st, the third diatonic, 2nd, the harmonic sixths neutralizing affinity, 3rd, the enharmonic ninths, positive acceleration, which induces infinite trajective velocity from neutral centers, in other words, neutral radiation. [see 14.35.1 - Keely 3 6 and 9]

"Every molecule in nature represents, without variation, the same chord. Variations that show up in the mass chord of different visible aggregations, are accounted for by the non-uniformity of their molecular groupings. If all were molecularly homogenous, the chord masses of all structures would be perfectly alike in their resonant impulses.

"A computation of the conditions, already shown up in part, proves conclusively that the power of an electric magnetic wave at an outreach of ten inches would be, if properly developed, equal to a lifting force of 36,000 pounds on a disk but three inches in diameter. Ten of such on the periphery of a vibratory disk, 36 inches in diameter, would represent 360,000 pounds actual lift at one revolution per minute. Perfect depolarization at 100 times per minute would represent 360,000,000 pounds, lifted twelve times per minute, or 1000 horse power in the same time. An excess of 100 extra revolutions, under the same conditions, would mean 2000 horse power per minute.

"By this new system, to perfect which I am now devoting all my time and my energies, dynamos will become a thing of the past, eventually, and electric lighting will be conducted by a polar negative disk, independent of extraneous power to run it, other than that of sympathetic polar attraction, as simple in its construction almost, as an ordinary typewriting machine."

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