adjective: relating to or concerned with electricity ("An electrical engineer")
adjective: using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity

It is my considered opinion the use of the terms "electric" and "electrical" by Walter Russell is in reference to its dynamic properties of polarity. Electricity is a syntropically polar phenomenon and is only evident when polarized. In almost every use of the term WR uses them as a qualifier of a noun which is the definition of an adjective. Otherwise he uses it as an adverb - qualifying a verb, state or action.

The following is a brief clarification of these internal interactions: If a tripolar mass (plus, minus and neutral) moving in an axial->radial direction is split up by pressure-intensifying and therefore temperature-increasing dynamic influences, then oxygen in a developmentally dangerous form becomes free, unipolar and so aggressive that it consumes (binds) and digests the sweet-matter (carbone), which becomes passive (inactive) under such influences. 'Sweet-matter' is here to be understood as the essential creative (fertile) substance. The end product of this dissociative process is the electrically supercharged ion, whose initial decomposive force can be intensified through high-speed centrifugal axial->radial velocity by up to 96%. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Magnetism is the Function of Levitism and Electricism is the Function of Gravitism]

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