16.26 - Magnetism is Liberated Latent Power in Iron

"Any metallic mass can be so impregnated with certain vibrations that it will assume the mental qualities of attraction and repulsion." This is the secret of his Keely's magnetic engine.

"When he came to the conclusion that it was impossible to use the ether directly as a motive power, as we now use steam and electricity, he decided to attempt to use it merely as a medium for "sympathetic vibration associated positively and negatively with the polar stream."

"Even as the magnet arouses the latent power in iron, the polar sympathetic harness I am now getting under control will, through polarization and depolarization, release the latent energy in iron. By exciting the concordant force in the interstitial corpuscular domain and then after establishing this concordance negatizing the thirds, sixths and ninths of this concordance, high velocities are induced by intermittent negation - cancelling or destroying the attractive vibration. This negation is brought about by vibrational association with the dominant thirds."

"Enough power lies latent in the earth's iron ore, if liberated and applied to proper vibratory machinery, to produce commercial power for the whole world. This storehouse is actually inexhaustible, no matter how our needs may increase."

"I include in the polar forces, magnetism, electricity and gravital sympathy, each stream composed of three currents, which collectively, make up the governing conditions of the One Universal Controlling Medium. The failures of the past decade will be redeemed by one position - control of the polar forces through the polar sympathetic harness. The infinite ninths I am now endeavoring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination will, if I succeed, complete my system and close my researches in sympathetic physics."

"Gravity is polar propulsion the sympathetic concordant of the ninths and but one of the triune combinations. Magnetism is polar attraction, while gravity is polar propulsion. By proper vibrations, the action of both magnetism and gravity can be intensified or accelerated."

"It is only necessary to ascertain the terrestrial chord masses to be able to run sympathetic machinery. When I have mastered these mechanical difficulties I shall be able to control this most subtle force." Keely's Contribution to Science

For a more complete description by Keely on what magnetism is and how a magnet works see ANSWERS MADE IN LETTERS FROM MR. KEELY - TO QUESTIONS ASKED OF HIM.

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