16.27 - Induced Metallic Attraction that is not Magnetism

"When the ether flows from a tube, its negative center represents molecular subdivision carrying interstitially (or between the molecules) the lowest order of liberated ozone. This is the first order of ozone and is wonderfully refreshing and vitalizing to those who breathe it. The second order, or atomic separation, releases a much higher grade of ozone, in fact too pure for inhalation, as it produces insensibility. The third order, or etheric, is the one that has been (though attended with much danger to the operator) utilized by Keely in his carbon register to produce the circuit of high vibration that breaks up the molecular magnetism which is recognized as cohesion." [Keely and His Discoveries]

Two bar magnets becoming one magnet
Figure 16.08 - Two bar magnets becoming one magnet

When two bar magnets are joined end to end the Neutral Line will move to the center of the new composite bar magnet. The poles will migrate to the ends. Demonstrating magnetism is NOT part of iron but of the Magnetic Flow passing through the iron.

"Naturally the desire for equilibrium through attempted depolarization will shorten the electric line of opposition in the direction of its length and thus draw south and north together bent on mutual destruction just as chemical affinities depolarize each other by contact. One becomes an extension of the other just as a piece of polarized steel added to another one depolarizes both at the point of contact and extends their signs to opposite ends of the bar. If one polarized pith ball comes into contact with another, this is what happens." [Genero-Radiative Concept]

Bar Magnet Voids then Reconstructs Polarity
Bar Magnet Voids then Reconstructs Polarity

Thus demonstrating magnetism is an energy flow or stream and not an inherent parameter of particles.

Bar Magnet

Two bar magnets becoming one magnet
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Bar Magnet

Two bar magnets becoming one magnet
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"The continuous flow of the magnet is merely a diversion of that portion of the terrestrial envelope. The third current of the triune stream. The velocity of the vibration governing the flow of the magnetic stream, comes under the head of the first interatomic, and ranges from 300,000 to 780,000 vibrations per second; the first order above odor permeating the molecules. The course of this sympathetic flow is governed by the full harmonic chord; and, consequently, moves in straight line; thus transmitting its sympathy free of molecular interferences." [Keely and His Discoveries]

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"The harmonic attractive chord, thirds, induces a nodal interference on that third of the triune combination of the terrestrial envelope, that is immediately associated with this medium of interference, and moves towards the negative pole of the magnet, then flows through it to reassociate with the full triune combination, through the positive, thus:


"The triune stream; one current of which is diverted from the Dominant, flowing in at the Negative end of the magnet; and out to join the triune terrestrial stream at the Positive end." [John Keely, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 19]

"The compound interetheric or seventh subdivision actuates sympathetic polarization to produce action and sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it, in the body as well as in matter. Polar and depolar differentiation result in motion. The compound interetheric is the soul of matter, from which all forms of matter receive their introductory impulse." [See Figure 1.3 - Subdivisions of Matter and Energy, Subdivision.]

"The latent force excited by a sympathizer or resonating sphere, acting both as receptor and generator through the Trexar, in connection with metallic masses, merely extends the range of the neutral sympathetic attraction in the metallic molecules, without corpuscular rupture, and this sympathetic outreach links the neutral center to its harmonic sympathizer as long as its exciter (the primary generator) continues in action. When its exciter (carbon register or aqueous sphere) is dissociated, the Outreach returns and again nestles in the corpuscular embrace of the metallic mass. (This would indicate that Keely used a chemical, mechanical or super-chemical "interrupter" such as the Wehnelt, Leyden jar and other forms devised and used by Nikola Tesla and others since.) This is the polar sympathetic harness - rotation produced in a steel disk by associating the polar dominant current, which leads the triune terrestrial stream, with vibratory attraction on metallic mediums."

"I have demonstrated scores of times the power within certain limits generated by this radiance - extraordinary induced magnetic outreach - by attaching a rope with a breaking strength of two tons, to the periphery of a 12 inch steel disk, moving at the rate of only one revolution in two minutes, the molecular structure of which was vitalized with 42,800 vibrations per second. When the rope was broken the disk was not retarded and it was not accelerated afterwards."

"I have made computations which show conclusively that, when properly developed, the power of an electro-magnetic wave reaching 10 inches, on a disk 3 inches in diameter, is equal to a lift of 36,000 foot pounds per minute. Ten of such inductors on the periphery of a vibratory disk 36 inches in diameter would represent 360,000 foot pounds at one revolution per minute. Perfect depolarization would represent 360,000 pounds lifted twelve times per minute or 1000 horse power per minute." The Snell Manuscript

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