If the mass chord of the disintegrator is B flat, the resonators of that structure are set at B flat first octave, B flat third octave and B flat ninth octave, by drawing out the resonator caps and clamping the set screws. A simple movement of the fingers on the diatonic scale at the head will determine by the tremulous action of the caps when exactly resonant. Neutral focalization is then established by dampening the steel rods on the back of the scale representing thirds, sixths, and ninths, by drawing a piece of small gum tube over them, which establishes harmony to the mass chord of the instrument. This effects concordance between the disintegrator and the ninths of the scale at base of transmitter with telephone head.

This instrument had a universal accommodator for all ninths in all multiple variations. This was possibly his sphere resonator.

Concordant harmony must now be established between the transmitter and the disintegrator by spinning the siren disk and waiting for the sympathetic note as its velocity decreases. As soon as this note sounds, the negative accelerator must be rapidly rotated inducing high disturbance of equilibrium between the disintegrator and the transmitter by triple negative evolution resulting in enormous pressure. By triple negative evolution he doubtless means disintegration to the etheric stage.

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