"Keely very properly terms his methods as "radiophonic vibratory positions with microphonic adjustments."

To illustrate the necessity for accuracy, he states the best of our tuning forks, the actual standards of pitch, are usually about 1/40th from being concordant!

"The mechanical requirements necessary to successfully conduct my researches will never be properly appreciated until my system is demonstrated under perfect control for commercial use."

Keely states that his "compound device" will, with his system of graduation, enable anyone to correct the variations existing in "compound molecular masses."

He states that commercial drawing, forging and casting of metals leaves differentiation in their molecular masses, and that this differentiation must be equated before the proper action can be obtained from the metallic mass.

"Drawn wire of silver and of platinum nearest approaches molecular uniformity but even these, when tested by a certain condition of the first order of intensified molecular vibration for its effectiveness as a transferring medium, is found entirely inadequate on account of interference in the transfer of concordant unition. All nodal interference must be removed by inducing between the nodal waves a condition in which they become subservient to the intermolecular vibratory link in their structure. It is therefore necessary to submit the wire to a system of graduation to find what combined chords these nodal interferences represent when focalized to a general center."

The graduation of Keely's device for overcoming gravity with which he also disintegrated quartz rock occupied over four years. It was operated successfully and exhibited on several occasions and Keely destroyed it to prevent it falling into the hands of his enemies at the time of the court proceedings against him. Some time afterwards he was urged to repeat the experiment of quartz disintegration and constructed three successive disintegrators from scale drawings he had prepared from his first instrument, but they would not operate. Keely stated the difficulty was caused by the fact that no two chord masses can be made alike by duplication. After solving the conditions governing chords of multiple masses he later said this paradox was fully explained so as to be perfectly clear to him and the underlying reasons fully understood."

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