telephone transmitter

"He [Keely] describes an experiment in vibratory transmission as follows: "I attach a nodal transmitter to a soft steel mass and the other end to the clustered thirds (3:6:9 in three octaves) of my focalizing neutral concentrator. (The telephone transmitter at the near end of the Trexar.) Another nodal transmitter is attached to the sixth cluster of the same disk, the other end being connected to the resonating sphere of my compound instrument (the resonating sphere) and all are brought to a complete rest. A slight tap on the Chladni wave plate now accelerates the normal 20,000 oscillations per second to 180,000 per second. The nine nodes here touch the extreme end, next to the mass being operated on, silver, gold and platinum coming in the order given, both in the respective wire sections and in the nodes." The Snell Manuscript

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