Table of Cause and Effect Dualities

This table represents the observable and non-observable worlds or realms of activity and non-activity. The concept here is not the same as found in the Figure 2.12.1 - Polarity or Duality table which represents two different vector motions; syntropy and entropy. The table below represents the seen or observable EFFECT and the unseen or non-observable (scalar) CAUSE. The table is representational only. Cause and Effect sequences can be multi-iterative (nested or holographic). Cause may only be known by mind, not by sense. Cause is considered scalar. [See Celestial and Terrestrial Domains]

Table of Dichotomies
Cause Effect
Cosmic Man Natural Man
Depolar Polar
Fear Disease
Fulcrum Lever
Idea Idea Manifested
Laya Maya
Mind Matter
Non-Newtonian Newtonian
Nucleus Electron shells
Neutral Center Envelope
Non-observable Observable
Order Disorder
Potential Kinetic
Quantum Newtonian
Scalar Vector
Science Opinion
Soul Natural Man
Spirit Matter
Thought Life
Undifferentiated Differentiated
Unseen Seen
Vacuum Substance
Wisdom Belief

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