"The conclusion is now clear: Einstein’s view on physical reality cannot be upheld. Entanglement is confirmed in its strangest aspects. Nowadays entanglement is at the heart of a flourishing of quantum technologies, some based on experiments by Anton Zeilinger. We must thank Einstein, Bohr and Bell for pointing out that extraordinary property of the quantum world." Alain Aspect’s speech at the Nobel Prize banquet, 10 December 2022

1- "As one", "one with", coincidence, immanent, sympathetic, unison, harmonic, concord, concordance, concordant.
2- Having the same wavefunction, vibratory state, frequency or condition.

Entanglement is the same as Keely's sympathetic vibration, sympathetic oscillation and sympathetic association. Wherever he used the term sympathy or sympathetic.

State Subdivision Example
Quantum Etheric Entangled Photons
Atomic Atomic Purified Crystals
Molecular Molecular Tuning Fork

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