"These words - which are a fragment quoted from The Divine Iliad Message - are fraught with Cosmic meaning." [Atomic Suicide, page 189]

In Partnership with the Cosmic.
" To find a solid foundation for Rosicrucian work, we must elevate our concept of divinity in conformance with the teachings of the Order. We must understand that God is not a kind of anthropomorphized being who, one fine day, decided to make a perfect world, but whose plans are subject to interference by the forces of evil. To some Rosicrucian mystics, the concept of God enfolds within its Being the entire Universe, including its aspects of suffering and death. It transcends all limitations of time and space. Since the Cosmic includes ALL, each one of us is a part of it. The life and power of the entire Cosmic flows through all of us. This is intellectually difficult to grasp but, in moments of inspiration, some of us feel within ourselves emotionally the Oneness, the creative power, and the love of the Whole." [Walter J. Albersheim. PH.D., F.R.C., 1978]

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