noun: an authority qualified to teach apprentices
noun: directs the work of others
noun: a person who has control over something

Christian Bernard
"Let us learn to let go, to not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the circumstances and conditions of this world. Let us constantly remember that at the heart of ourselves, as at the heart of all human beings, there forever stands a silent and watchful guardian: the Master Within." [Christian Bernard]

Manly Palmer Hall
"Spiritually, a person may be a Grand Master before they come into the world. They no longer depend on the words of others, but upon the still voice that speaks from the heart of their own being. There is no more glorious position that a person can hold than that of a Master Builder, who has risen by labor through the degrees of human consciousness. Many a child comes into this world a Grand Master of the Masonic School, while many a revered and honored brother or sister passes silently to rest without having gained admittance to its gate." [Manly Palmer Hall]

"It will, therefore, be very interesting to all practical musicians to find in this work of D. C. Ramsay's the hand of a true master in the science, who was also a true artist in music, as his compositions and arrangements have been acknowledged to show; and who saw no need to divorce the Art from the intellectual view of its Scientific basis. And those who can read between the lines the unwritten spiritual meanings which underlie.." [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 20]

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