Jesus Christ

"Up to this time, some of you have had faith in 'Jesus Christ' but you have been like precocious children. Your faith has been partially blind and accepting, yet interwoven with much doubt.
Therefore, whatever you needed to be done for you, you depended on 'Jesus' for the work to be accomplished. Whereas, in fact, much of what you believe you have derived directly from 'Jesus' has been your own 'faith in Jesus' made visible in the form of things asked for." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 64-65]

"Be mindful that there are not habits formed, or activities, that would desecrate the body; but rather let it still remain as the temple of the living God. For this is what it is meant to be, that ye may indeed be a channel through which many of thy brethren may come to know the love that passeth understanding, and the peace and harmony that comes only through the closer walk with the man of Galilee." [Cayce 3651-1]

Paramahansa Yogananda
“We must know Jesus as an Oriental Christ, a supreme yogi who manifested full mastery of the universal science of God-union, and thus could speak and act as a savior with the voice and authority of God. He has been Westernized too much.
Jesus was an Oriental, by birth and blood and training. To separate a teacher from the background of his nationality is to blur the understanding through which he is perceived...
Hence to understand Jesus Christ and his teachings one must be sympathetically open to the Oriental point of view—in particular, India’s ancient and present civilization, religious scriptures, traditions, philosophies, spiritual beliefs, and intuitive metaphysical experiences.” [Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ]

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