Christ Letters - Letter 9

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I, the CHRIST, have come through the medium of these LETTERS because I cannot return in bodily form - or take on human personality again - since I reside in and am, myself, of such fine and heightened vibrational frequencies of consciousness that no human physical form could contain my spiritual consciousness.
My only means of reaching you has been through the medium of a human being - sensitive, clairaudient, obedient and dedicated to 'God', born to be the channel through whom I could watch the tumult of her active, eventful life and world events. I have been able to intimately review the conflict and pain unknown in centuries past because scientific and technological discoveries, and the lessening of moral and conventional values have led to new highly stressful conditions of modern living and new ways of relating to each other. Through the medium of this pliable mind, the modem human condition has, to a slight degree, become subjective for me.
Without this knowledge of the human experience, these Letters could not have been written in a form which is intended to be helpful to the human condition at this time.
The process of partial overshadowing began before her birth, continued in her youth and life.
Beginning with the thorough de-programming of her mind and fu ll cleansing of old concepts, my 'recorder' has been deliberately subjected to every type of human experience, bearing witness to the struggles and sorrow involved in modern living. With my instruction, she has climbed out of her many diverse holes of distress, culminating in the death of her ego and mental/emotional bondage to materialism; she is learning how to move into the consciousness frequencies of universal love and has had personal experience of the Reality of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS ... so has she been sufficiently cleansed to receive, ever more clearly, my teachings to distribute throughout the world.
Under my influence, she has withdrawn from social life into seclusion and aloneness and has ultimately become dependent on me for her daily will-to-live, and I work through her total minute-by-minute readiness to receive my words whenever cosmic and her personal consciousness energies enable her to hear and receive me. I rely on her honesty and dedication to wait to hear me accurately and I make it clear when it is I who speak. Until I speak- she is unable to write.
I have told you this that you may understand out of what CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS energies, these Letters have taken form.
I have come again in this Letter to bring together all the loose ends of my other LETTERS and present them WITHIN A WORLD CONTEXT, showing how these teachings are relevant to every aspect of your earthly lives and to all nations.
These LETTERS are meant to be the impetus -the spur -to a personal opening of the mind and heart to your SOURCE of BEING and eventually, to become the means of your perfect understanding of the effects of individual and mass thought and behaviour on every facet of your earthly existence.
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Letter 9-02
Whereas, in the past, the laws given you for national behaviour have been directed mainly at 'You shall not ... if you do - this will be the penalty', true spiritual laws are entirely different.
They are expressed like this: 'Because you and your place in earthly existence have been created in this way ... if you work harmoniously with the Laws of your Existence ... you will open your entire system of soul, mind, emotions, body, and personal circumstances to the consistent inflow of Divine Consciousness, your Life Force. The fruits of your disciplined behaviour will return to bless and load you with health, harmony and prosperity.
'If, on the other hand, you ignore these Laws of Existence, and continue living as you did before you received this message, then your lives will continue to be punctuated by turmoil, difficult climatic conditions, pests in your crops, financia l disasters, famines and stressful lives.' I have spoken through these Letters- expressly- to enable you to reach true, consistent peace of mind and spiritual love, joy, and inner healing of mind, emotions and body.
You should have understood by now that this was also the sole purpose behind my last mission to people on earth- to show them how they themselves were creating their own misery.
You have been taught by 'Christian' churches that you who have been created by 'God' must 'worship and please God' by keeping his Laws.
But this is not truth. Worshipping god' is a pagan ritual. When people 'worship god' they set 'god' apart and above them - 'unreachable and to be feared - for who knows what evil he might send on earth if people did not act according to his will'.
But that was not the message I brought to earth. I spoke of the 'Father' which supplied all needs, which answered when called, which healed when requested to do so, which was both transcendent to people and also 'within them', meaning that the Creator was universal.
The Jewish religion taught that on ly the Chief Priests could approach the 'Holy of Holies' and make supplication for the people. The populace cou ld approach Jehovah on ly through the priests by bringing birds and animals to be offered as burnt sacrifices to appease Jehovah for the people's 'sins'. By these means, the Jews obtained 'forg iveness of sins'.
I repeated ly taught the people that they wou ld receive the 'Father's' forgiveness of sins according to people's willingness to forg ive others- for it would be done to them according to their own 'sowing'. I also taught the people to approach the 'Father' directly and pray in simple terms, asking for what they needed in life, and assured them that they wou ld be heard and their prayers answered, providing they prayed with tota l faith- with no doubt in their minds. You must understand that everything I taught the Jews was in direct conflict and opposition to what their Religious Elders taught them, which was why the Priests hated- and crucified me, since I was robbing them of their exalted positions as 'personal henchmen' of the 'Almighty'.
Because, for fear of reprisals after my death, the disciples did not break entirely free from the Old Testament, much of the Old Testament thought was carried forward into the 'Christian' religion.
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Letter 9-03
Instead of animals, the body and blood of 'Jesus' were substituted to be the sacrifice offered by priests upon the altar. After many years and the entry of Rome as protector of the 'Christian' religion, like the Jewish priests before them, the 'Roman' priests dressed themselves in costly vestments and used silver and gold appurtenances for religious ceremonies.
In the time of Paul, this would have been unthinkable. His was a simple message of 'salvation by my death on the cross' which was not the message I brought to my countrymen in Palestine. He was perpetuating a Jewish tradition of 'sacrificing another to pay for one's own sinning'. What shameful cowardice! Yet, Paul also performed a great service to humanity, since he set in motion a movement which would be the means of blessing all races equally. He outlined a mode of thought and daily conduct which would bring harmony into the lives of those who tried to live according to his teachings.
In all probability, some Jewish traditionalists wi ll vociferously reject my words again, the second time of coming, they wi ll resent my constant allusion to the ancient Jewish practice of sacrificing animals and birds in the Temple to please God and obtain forgiveness of sins, but no matter what their objections may be, the historical fact remains that the Temple was a place for offering bumt sacrifices and the smell thereof hung over Jerusalem. And all the while I knew that the whole edifice of the Temple was dedicated to a myth, a figment of man's imagination, a rationalisation of what men's minds could not comprehend spiritually.
I was there! I felt the hot stones under my sandalled feet and the sun on my head. I argued with the Pharisees, bore their mockery and sneers with some amusement and watched them as they dogmatically taught a burdensome way of life of continual obedience to a worthless tradition concerning eating and drinking which was entirely unnecessary! I was there! At times, my amusement ignited a spark of mischief in my mind and I handed out to the Pharisees the same kind of analytical mockery of their personal habits, their ostentatious cloth ing and their laws, as they applied to me and my teachings.
'He is a fool!' they said, and loudly ridiculed my statement 'The Kingdom of God is within you'.
Tell us- how could 'God' be within a person?' they shouted derisively.
Using a barrage of contemptuous arguments, they called on the prophets and compared their concepts of the Almighty Jehovah with my descriptions of the simple 'Father' 'who even had thought for the birds'. How could this be, they demanded, when birds were regu larly sacrificed in the Temple for payment of men's sinning? Would Moses have instituted such a holy practice of burnt sacrifices if birds and beasts were of any consequence in the eyes of the Almighty? I remained unmoved as they launched their verbal attacks at me. They only had the conviction of Jewish tradition to support their statements - whilst my mind had been imbued with the true knowledge of existence itself during my illumined experiences in the desert. I had been given understanding of the universality and creative GOODWILL of the 'Father' which enabled me to perceive and do things which no Chief Priest or Pharisee or Sadducee or scribe could ever do.
Because I understood the nature of our SOURCE of BEING, I could, with confidence, put my hands upon a crippled man and raise him up to wholeness again. Who could measure th is knowledge against the ridiculous traditional laws of the Priests? The Priests and Pharisees and all the rest of the religious hocus-pocus knew that none of them could do such things - and for this reason, they hated me for challenging their authority, they loathed me for my strength in the face of their opposition, and they reviled me for drawing crowds of people when a healing was done which no one could deny.
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Letter 9-04
There it was, done in the open, for all to see- an act of love which the Priests averred on ly God cou ld do and therefore I must be a ch ild of Satan! Furthermore, they did not see the healing as an act of love but rather as an inexplicable blasphemous usurpation of the role of 'God' - they accused me of 'showing off' my magica l powers but could not tell me how I came by such magical powers, therefore they decided I must be a son of Beelzebub.
Now that I have explained the situation, it should now be as clear to you who read these words- as it was so very clear to me at that time in Palestine - that the whole hierarchy of Judaism was composed of self-centred, self-important, mixed up men who lived only by ru les and laws. When challenged to use their minds, their brains, they could not cope but fell into highly emotional spasms of vitriolic outrage.
Was it any wonder that, when brought before their council, I held my peace and refused to communicate with such obtuse minds? Yes, I was tru ly there in Palestine, 2000 years ago. I lived amongst the ordinary men and women who had been taught to fear Jehovah in a very rea l way; who were obsessed with paying for bumt sacrifices to ward off punishment for their sins. I was raised, indoctrinated in the fear of Jehovah- but I had been bom to bring the Jews out of their long slumber of myth and fa llacies -to set them free of a burdensome history of wars and bloodshed, brawl ing and arguments, of demanding a head for the loss of an eye, of hidden and secret sinning which counted for nothing if a man was not found out. If he was, then the whole weight of the Mosaic Law descended on his head without compassion or mercy or even a hesitant thought as to the true circumstances surrounding the transgression.
Because I had been bom with a mission to open up the minds and hearts of the Jews to the Reality which had given them life and being, even from an early age I rejected the Jewish teachings. Some secret depth of spiritual instinct rebelled against the age-old Jewish intention to let some other living thing carry responsibility and 'pay the price' for their own waywardness and sinning. Even more than this, I could not accept that a 'God' who was supposed to have created such a wonderful world wou ld rejoice in bumt sacrifices of his own creation for which he had provided abundantly.
I found it impossible to have respect for such illogical beliefs and practices. After my illumination in the desert, I became passionate in my rejection of Jewish traditions.
Just as I came in human body 2000 years ago, to rescue the Jewish nation from an edifice of artificial and man-made burdensome religious practices, so have I come through the medium of these Letters distributed world-wide, to make it abundantly clear that the 'Christian Religion' in no way reflects my true CHRIST message either as I taught it in Palestine - or at this present time when these Letters will arouse the fury and condemnation of orthodox 'Christians'. The Christian re lig ion, as it stands at th is time, is only a hotch-potch of the muddled thinking of my disciples' selective recollections and Paul's worthy homilies and other early writings. Much later, when the impact of Christianity lacked the visual effect of the gods and goddesses of the Romans, the Christian re ligion was adorned with 'theatrica l' but 'expedient' nonsense to impress those whom the Ecclesiastica l Empire of Rome desired to draw into their fo ld. This empire later imposed monetary burdens on the gull ible people even more iniquitous than the taxes demanded by the secular Roman Empire on conquered nations. Even Caesar did not demand payment for souls to gain entrance to heaven! page 207

Letter 9-05
You may wonder why I am so explicit in my rejection of 'Judaism' and 'Christianity'. It is vita l to the success of the distribution of my CHRIST MESSAGE that people should fu lly understand the true nature of religions which held humanity in their grip until the twentieth century. Until they do realise the mythical foundations on which they have placed all their convictions, people wi ll find it difficult to let go of their cherished beliefs.
Please understand that when I make such statements, I am referring to 'Christian re ligion', to the 'tenets of fa ith', to the 'dogma and theology'. I am not referring to those great spiritual souls who have soughtand continue to seek God and Truth beyond the dogma and beliefs. Many of these have received my inspiration into their minds and hearts but are afraid to let go their cherished beliefs. They are hampered by religious practices. The time has come for them to let them go and grow in spirituality and awareness of their true SOURCE of BEING and take their congregations with them.
To the 'Christian' Churches of every denomination, I say 'Wake up!' The time has come for you to rouse yourselves from a long unnatural sleep when reason has been suppressed by hypnotic and emotional traditions. These have been handed down through the centuries by a succession of people claiming to be the highest authority on all that I taught in Palestine. Do not be afraid of the consequences if you examine your past beliefs and want to cleanse them from your thinking. Get rid of the cobwebs of illusion and - THINK! When 'Christian' ministers fu lly accept that I, the Christ, have truly returned to speak to people worldwide, 'l ike lightning striking from East to West' and are ready to teach my true message from the pulpityou will find your churches fi lling again with people eager to find and make contact with the Reality which will lead them to live in total harmony with their TRUTH of BEING. Alternatively, you ministers of re ligion, who wil fu lly and egotistically continue to teach the dogma of 'Christianity' to save 'face' and your stipends, will watch your religion die a natural death during the next th irty years and will be abandoned by your congregations who are already sensing that your words are on ly words - in which there is no spiritual life. You will see your churches taken over by those who have realised that I, myself, have indeed returned to humanity to show them the way to find and enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven'.
There will also be those whose positions of authority are threatened by these Letters from CHRIST - from me. They wi ll oppose them mightily. There wi ll be vilification of every kind through the services of every type of media - from people who have no scruples in stirring up public wrath to make money from destructive, vindictive sensationalism.
I have to tell you that the greater the uproar world-wide, the more swiftly wi ll my Letters reach and convince those people who are weary of the old beliefs, that at last they have heard the simple TRUTH of BEING. They will swiftly respond to its love and ca ll to leave the lower levels of human consciousness to start their ascent to the higher spiritual levels where they will begin to experience the first inflow of interior peace and contentment.
There will be confl ict throughout the entertainment industry, since more and more people will recognise - and turn against - the violence and degradation with which their entire consciousness of mind, emotions, body, have been fed by 'DEGENERATES' obsessed by making themselves a fortune. These spiritua l ghouls have understood the strange fascination of the unholy and macabre for ignorant people who have been so surfeited with the security, comfort and luxury in the 20th century, they no longer find contentment in them. They need excitement to stimulate their jaded consciousness.
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Letter 9-06
Were the lives of people truly as horrible as is depicted on the entertainment they watch daily, they wou ld tum from their screens in search of something beautiful and easeful to rest their tortured nervous systems. And yet, if you will reflect honestly on the conditions of your present lives, you will rea lise that they are already becoming a terror-inducing mirror image of all that your entertainment industry has given you in the past 50 years.
People have been fed on the worst scenarios possible by cinema, TV, books and media sensationalism and are now complaining that the former sense of security they previously enjoyed has been whipped away from them. I see you on earth, presently barricaded behind electric fences, high spiked wa lls, guarded by security men who themselves traitorously murder the people they guard; I see men and women who previously walked the streets and country lanes fearlessly at night, now locked up behind security gates - afraid of the most despicable and bruta l attacks. I see races traumatised by their own people. I see genocide, revolutions, bombing, assassinations, mind less ki llings of every description. The murdered come through into their next existence still traumatised by the shock of their unexpected passing. I see them and minister to them - if they are able to see and receive me. Many, many people are far from ready to move on to a higher form of existence and so they dwell in the shadows until they are re leased through rebirth. Earthly life has become the hell which you depict on your screens and in your literature. Why? Because your so-called civilised 'culture' permits bruta lity in all its perverted forms, to enter your homes through the medium of your TV for your titillation and excitement. You wanted it and now you have it in its most rea l form - with in your own da ily experiences. No one is immune from these disasters you have brought on yourselves.
Do you wonder that I, the Christ, have returned to you at th is time to explain to you what you have done to yourselves? How would it be possible for any spiritual embodiment of LOVE to remain remote from such agony of spirit and fa il to reach out to render help when help is possible? Therefore, as I said before, I am not alone in my work. I speak for every Master as I speak through these Letters.
Every Master is ministering to those who follow his earthly teachings. Every Master is calling on their adherents to read, heed, pray that they may absorb the TRUTH within these pages and strive to cleanse their thoughts and actions and become the embodiment of love to all.
But these Letters will set in motion a Season of Change.
When people truly wake up to what has been done to their consciousness, world-wide, by greedy, unscrupulous and degenerate tycoons, they will experience extreme anger. The public wi ll begin to recognise the insidious and devious ways in which they have been gradually enticed into the webs of abomination.
And I, the Christ, have to tell you that when th is happens, you will no longer find the word 'abomination' old-fashioned and out-of-date. You will clearly perceive the difference between wholesome, life-g iving consciousness forms - words - and destructive consciousness patterns.
You will rebel and nationally call the destructive 'consciousness forms'- abominations.
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Letter 9-07
Conscientious and tru ly loving parents will become particu larly vocal against the present form of entertainment and will prevent their children from continuing to view the decadence of unpleasant, emotive language, unbridled violence, and promiscuous, emotionally superficia l sex, presently on offer on your screens, in books and media. Your society is ridd led with these low, despicable consciousness creations which are carried through into human lives and human actions.
Parents will also come to rea lise that since the CONSCIOUSNESS FORMS created within their ch il dren's minds are the ever enlarging foundations of their ch ildren's future lives as adu lts, they wi ll begin to investigate the ETHICAL VALUES taught in schools. No longer will parents be concerned about the re lig ions taught in school, since these will only be of interest to a minority, but they will be very seriously interested in the kind of philosophies for living, attitudes, arguments, conflicts, statements, encouraged or tolerated in schools in the future - by teachers and by pupils alike.
Groups will band together to start small schools on the foundation of these Letters, since the old factual material will be abandoned as obsolete. Emphasis will be placed on languages, the arts, log ic, the art of effective inspiring communication, the development of constructive creative imagination, mathematics and science, and manual skil ls.
The curricu lum will be centred around the development of an ability to differentiate between truth and myth, to perceive clearly the highest values to be adopted and cherished, and the most constructive, productive way to use them in life - to improve conditions for the self, the nation, and the world generally.
The child will also be taught to become proficient in those sciences and manual skills which will enable him to work joyfully and successfully in his chosen field of endeavour. Children will be tutored within a new aura of concern and love and shown how they can contribute to such concern and love in the classrooms. They wi ll be encouraged to work with joy and happiness. If this does not come easily, the unhappy child will be shown how joy and happiness may be achieved and wi ll be rewarded when successful.
People will be valued according to their commitment to seeking higher levels of spiritual thought and their dedication to serving the interests of the underprivileged and communities generally.
It is a matter of extreme urgency that people world-wide should recognise that the TRUTH i.ยง. you have been born to individualise and express the UNIVERSAL-the SOURCE of your BEING- in an evolutionary manner, eventually reaching peak INDIVIDUALISED manifestation of your SOURCE of BEING - CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.
AND you have also been created to be cared for, nurtured, provided with your every need in order to ensure your health, perfect well-being, and harmonious prosperity whilst on your soul's journey to individualised re-union with your Source of Being- Divine Consciousness.
Until you do grasp th is TRUTH of BEING, you will never achieve your true potential on earth either physically or spiritually.
No country, religious organisation, and no single person, no matter how humanly exalted he may be thought to be, will be able to alter the contents of these Letters since page 210

Letter 9-08
I - the CHRIST am also radiating the TRUTH of BEING world-wide to everyone who is on the level of spiritual frequencies to be able to receive the TRUTH. Such people will receive, revere and adopt IT fully, without reservation, to be their own guidelines for their thoughts and actions.
If there are those who cannot understand or receive the Letters, it will be only because they are not yet ascended to the necessary level of consciousness to be able to empathise with them.
Their growth will come later.
Therefore, I say to those who have not yet experienced the quality of life I have described as being yours by Divine WILL, do not ask what is the matter with life or people or circumstances - or with you ...
Look inside your own thought processes, your own attitudes towards life, generally, your feelings towards other people and yourself- and find out what kind of thoughts - and expectations - you regularly indulge in. These create a powerfu lly creative consciousness energy force which you are emitting throughout the day. It will attract to you exactly what you fear and expect. Sometimes, the negative creative consciousness form is deeply buried in your sub-conscious, implanted there many years ago due to certain circumstances. Or the negative creative consciousness impulse may have come through from a past life. In any event, if you have been subjected to consistently bad experiences, examine your inner state of consciousness and find out what kind of negative expectations possess your sub-conscious.
Discover, also, what are your attitudes and feelings towards other people? Are you consistently living within the harmony of the Laws of Existence? Are you expressing 'unconditional love' on every level of your life- towards every single thing in your experience? Are you able to see the 'light of the soul' within all living things - or can you see only their egodrive -their darkness? Do you realise that for the people whom you may reject or criticise, I - the Christ - have the highest love and compassion for them at all times? Whom you may be rejecting, I am radiating to them my unconditional love.

Bear in mind, at all times, that your SOURCE of BEING is in two states -

The ACTIVE state of your SOURCE of BEING is the dimension in which you have been conceived and given individualization.
The EQUILIBRIUM of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the dimension of perfect silence and stillness, in which the underlying IMPULSES OF CREATIVITY are locked together in an embrace of mutual restraint.
When you fully realise, accept, understand that in every 'learning session in your school on earth', you always have access to the Divine Loving Intelligence which resolves every problem the perfect way, you are then lifted beyond the reach of panic and pain.
You solve your problems swiftly and smoothly and realise that your own store of wisdom and knowledge are being increased in many ways.
In this way, do you evolve on every level of your being.

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Letter 9-09

Whilst my purpose in coming to you through the medium of these Letters has been to show you the way to live in harmony with the Laws of Existence, to help you avoid unnecessary pain, limitations and deprivation caused by your ignorance of the Laws, I also want to imprint in your consciousness that everyone is subject to rhythms in their lives. Everyone goes through the high periods when an inflow of blessedness brings you all the th ings you have wanted and you are on a peak of human happiness and success. You rejoice! Then comes the time when suddenly the rhythm of life changes, resources dry up, relationships become difficult and precarious, your career takes a downward tum, or obstacles occur which keep you static for a long time. You may ask yourself what you have done wrong. Previously, you worked very successfully within the LAWS of EXISTENCE but now there are daily challenges and nothing you think or do is truly alleviating the stress of your daily life.
When- if- these times come upon you- be still and quiet within your heart and mind- and know that you are still drawing life and direction from Divine Consciousness, despite appearances to the contrary, despite the superficial agonies. At these times it is essential to withdraw and take stock of the ways in which you may have slipped in consciousness during your 'up' times- and strengthen your dependence on Divine Consciousness.
Without these dark periods of depression, you would not grow in spiritual stature. They have a special message for you so do not give way to despair or bitterness. Although you may feel fragile, this is your winter season of self-discovery and inner renewal which will ultimately prove to be of greater blessing than ever were your 'peak periods'. Take heart and do not lose faith.
Hold on patiently until winter gradually yields to your spiritual spring again.
Persevere in relaxing and confidently waiting for the time when Divine Life will again flow into your mind, heart and earthly life and all you had hoped for will begin to manifest in your experience. And throughout this time, realise and hold on to the fact that if you are no longer aware of the inflow of Divine Consciousness during your meditations, it is not because you have been abandoned but because your own cosmic - and therefore your personal consciousness vibrations - are at a low ebb and you are no longer able to rise to experience the vibrations of Divine Consciousness as you did previously. Although you may not feel them, rest assured that always you are enfolded in them and in DIVINE LOVE.
I also want to remind you and impress upon your consciousness that the moment the most impoverished of human beings can understand the true nature of their origins and can make use of the knowledge, they can begin to pull themselves out of their rut and can then rise to any heights they choose for themselves - providing, daily, they tune into the SOURCE OF THEIR BEING and draw on Its Infinite Power, Life, direction, inspiration and guidance.
You are not victims of fate - you are victims of your own creative consciousness until you realise that your consciousness is entirely of your own shaping. When this glorious Truth dawns within your own consciousness, you will begin to tum your life around and will eventually discover that you can work to become a Master and achieve complete freedom in DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
page 212

Letter 9-10
Try to remember that, in your spiritual search, your aim should be to keep your consciousness frequencies as steady as possible with in your highest spiritua l perceptions. This is extremely difficult for the human mind to do, since it eagerly reaches out for new forms of spiritual/mental stimulation wherever the interest is aroused.
But I have to tell you, it is not enough to read these Letters and then tum to other books, hoping to find some higher, more inspirational truth.
I, the Christ, tell you, tru ly, there is no higher truth or higher way on offer to you at th is time.
You may sometimes feel you have found something higher, because on the level of your present human consciousness you can relate to what is written more easily- but you can rest assured that SPIRITUAL TRUTH of EXISTENCE is the on ly KNOWLEDGE which will bring you eventually to CHRI ST CONSCIOUSNESS which is your true destination and none other.
CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is the spiritual consciousness of all the great Masters. There is no higher.
To increase your understanding, you may seek out those authors who have already found for themselves and are practising what is written in these Letters, but do not fo llow those who still fo llow other writers and quote other authorities and are still seeking a way through human thought into the vastness of spiritual Truth - beyond human thought. They, like yourselves, are still in the footh ills of consciousness - they have not yet penetrated the mental/emotional ozone to draw close to the precincts of SPACE.
Do not fo llow those who are find ing pleasure in - and writing of 'marvels' in occult practices and are seeking to lead you into experiencing them also, advocating the use of material substances to increase energy in different areas of your lives. When you use material substances such as crystals, candles, incense, joss sticks, you focus your human consciousness on those th ings which have human meaning for you and give you pleasure. In this way, do they anchor your human consciousness to the 'effects' of human consciousness, continually leading you back into fixed levels of human consciousness. Whereas, if you want to ascend into true spiritua l dimensions of consciousness, your goal is to penetrate and then transcend the earthly human consciousness dimension. The on ly true energy, true dynamic healing Life Force comes from your consistent contact with DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. As you journey upwards, you will become acquainted with the finer vibrations of the astral planes but do not loiter in these levels since they are only manifestations of higher physica l forms of consciousness and should not be your true goal.
Attunement with Divine Consciousness and total self-mastery should be your reason for living, and your only goal. When you have achieved it, all you have ever wanted for yourself will be yours - in a new, transcendent and etemal way.
You may read these Letters and decide you want to continue as you are - in your ego-consciousness, trusting Divine Consciousness to help you through the difficult patches. But I can tell you that life itself will eventually convince you that any other way does not bring the rewards which your soul, hidden and silently waiting for release, is longing to experience - particularly that of full re-union with Divine Consciousness.

page 213

Letter 9-11

The greatest gift you can give yourself - or anyone else - is to gratefully accept into your own mind - and try to imbue in other receptive minds - the full inspired understanding of who 'you and they' really are and what can truly be accomplished when 'you and they' abandon self-will and look to the SOURCE of their BEING for help, guidance and fulfillment of every need.
Become a Light to yourself - and whomever can receive it.
At the same time, no one can absorb learning on an empty stomach; therefore a certain amount of physical nutrition should be given to help the process of spiritual-physical evolutionary development, if you are trying to teach the materially impoverished. Be willing to give to others and know that as you give, you become part of the 'give-and-receive' system of the entire universe.
It is impossible to give and not receive in return - unless you yourself believe you live only on the supply from your work, your bank account and investments. When this is what you believe, then this is what you will experience.

Until people truly wake up and open their eyes to the full realisation that they are the individualisation of the SOURCE of their BEING which is a combination of PERFECT IMPULSES of Creativity & Love, they will remain attracted to the enticements of materialism, satisfactions of body lusts, and the desire for self-promotion above all others - which ranges from take-overs and strikes in business and industries, and gross disharmonies in relationships to murder, rape and war. Wherever a person exerts his ego over another, angry discords abound.
This is the very first Law of Existence which must be publicised throughout the world.

How then, should human nature strive daily to live in a world naturally dominated by ego-drive - the overpowering desire for self-satisfaction? The answer lies in my statement: 'Do to others as you would be done by'.
This is the first step to overcoming ego-drive.
When involved in argument, let there be full justice rendered by each party to the other.
Listen -absorb - heed - make amends as far as possible.
Make certain that in your demands you do not make inroads on the well-being of the other party - be it personal, pleasure, business or industry.
Remember that as you do to others, so will it eventually be done to you. Remember that your thoughts, words and actions of today will take on form in your experience in days, months or years to come. Sometimes, the sowing will take years to grow into its harvest and the sowing wi ll have been forgotten. However, rest assured, whatever you do today will return to you in some re lated form, although you may never recognise it as such or perceive the connection.
Whatever you would have people say about your mistakes - say those things - and mean them - about the mistakes that other people may make - friends or strangers.
Give the acceptance and forgiveness you would like to receive. What is true forgiveness? It is a state of understanding the other person and their reasons for their behaviour so clearly that you can say in all honesty- there is nothing to forgive.
page 214

Letter 9-12
The loyalty, kindness and generosity you would like to receive when in trouble - give to others when they are struggling with heavy burdens. Never tum to them a cold shoulder.
Learn to look at a person or a situation with the eye of kindly discernment. See them as they are at th is moment and then remember that I see them with compassionate love.
If you see a real need of improvement in them -for their own good and the future enhancement of their well-being - look at them only with heart and eyes of love and see them as they can be in the future.
Take them in thought to their SOURCE of BEING and know that your prayer has surely blessed them and opened doors to their development. Seek guidance from Divine Consciousness as to whether you can broach the subject of their 'improvement' and ask how this may be done to ensure their happy acceptance of counsel and ultimate success in personal development.
If someone wants to tell you how you have hurt them at any time - stand or sit still quietly and know that this is a true challenge to your ego-drive. This is your big moment- your greatest testing-point.
How will you handle it? Will you make excuses and defend yourself, considering, even saying, that your actions should not have hurt the other person - and were fu lly justified in the circumstances? If this is how you respond, then your ego-drive is still in perfect control of your consciousness.
If, however, you can realise that the great moment of truth is upon you - and because of th is awareness - you are able to remain quiet and ca lm, listening to the other person's descriptions of their hurt at your hands, you are succeeding in the first overcoming of your ego.
The next urgent step is to put your own need to defend yourself firm ly aside and sincerely empathise with what the speaker is saying. You will on ly be able to do th is sincerely if you can be self-effacing enough to enter a place of inner silence where you can fu lly enter into their hurt, hear what they are saying and receive their pain into your heart. If you can do this, you will have got inside their skin. And when you can get inside their skin and feel their pain, you wi ll want to apologise from the very bottom of your heart for what you did; the pain you inflicted ignorantly and unknowingly will become your own pain and you will not rest until you have managed, through loving words, to remove all residue of pain from the other person's consciousness. You will then have hea led the hurt and it will also be elim inated from your electro-magnetic consciousness system. You have won a great victory over self. You will have reached that point of inner strength and endurance when you can tru ly perceive the reality of other people as being of equal va lid ity with your own. You have recognised and accepted that others can be hurt by your actions in just the same way as you have been hurt by others.
After reach ing this great moment of truth in your life, you will find yourself able to move between yourself and others quite comfortably, able to see events from their perspective as easily as you can see your own. A great balancing between the needs of other people and yourself takes place, and you enter into a state of peace since you are now confident that you treat others fairly and with generosity of spirit.
You have now begun to remove the barriers between yourself and other people and are receiving them into your heart.
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Letter 9-13
You have also begun to remove your own defences and because of this, you wi ll find that- at last- you are achieving true self-esteem and peace of mind.
This new understanding of the feelings of others will inspire in you a great respect for them. You wi ll always want to deal with them justly, giving them their dues, never wanting to take advantage of their good-nature, never wanting to put them down, reduce their self-esteem, always ready to encourage and pick them up when they're in pain- physical or emotional.
You will find yourself doing these things for yourself also. You wi ll become your own counsellor, support, healer.
You will see each person, no matter what their status, as of an equal basic reality as your own and you will see that you are the equal of everyone else be he King, Pope or President for underneath the externals, you have both come out of the GREAT UNITY of BEING.
Therefore, you will no longer feel inadequate in any situation, because you have moved forward in the strength and wisdom drawn from Divine Consciousness, and recognise that you, too, have equal rights with everyone else.
Quietly, calmly, you will not allow others to take advantage of you. You will be able to speak your mind clearly and honestly with due regard for the feelings of the other person. You will no longer want to denigrate another and reduce their self-esteem. Rather, will you make every effort to save their selfrespect yet relating your truth in a clear, but loving way.
Remember, when stating your truth to another, it is not within your province to tell them how they should act in any given circumstance or how they should react to your words.
However, standing by UNIVERSAL VALUES of perfect honesty, conscientious work, goodwill towards all, caring for the under-privileged, a person is entitled to demand that these values should take precedence over every other consideration of EXPEDIENCY within a group or community enterprise or national endeavour.
You also have a perfect right to say how you are made to feel by a person's belittling behaviour towards you - should you be aware of a need to do so. It is probable that your caring honesty may be necessary to solve or clarify a certain situation for the good of all.
State your case with kindness - gently tell them how you feel in the present unpleasant circumstances and explain what has made you feel that way. Do not say 'You did such and such a th ing' because they will feel you are blaming them and immediately you will arouse the ego defence mechanism in the other person. Thereafter, the confrontation will become difficult and unpleasant for both of you. To get through to ego-driven people you must continua lly speak in such a way as they will never feel threatened. This is the art of loving communication and you can only learn it by trial and error and dedicated practice! Each time, you conquer ego in yourself, it becomes that much easier to relate to others because you are reach ing an understanding of the function of ego in all people.
As time passes, and you are gradually released from the grip of your ego-drive, you will find that, more and more, you can listen to others with soul empathy and love. If they behave in a way which would have hurt or offended you previously, you will feel the welling up of laughter instead. You will then know that your soul is in direct touch with Divine Consciousness - for Its natural state is that of laughter.

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Letter 9-14

Laughter is a consciousness impulse which ripples across your skies, from one planet to another, through your Milky Way and out into the furthest reaches of infinity. As infinite as Divine Consciousness, it came into existence at the moment of the Big Bang.
What is Laughter? It is a spontaneous consciousness response to a situation where two events or two incidents or two people, do not - in the natural order of things - belong together, they are strangely at odds or in opposition to each other.
It is a ripple effect experienced in all living things of higher species capable of certain judgments or perceptions. It eliminates stress. The 'ripple effect' is felt over the diaphragm which guards the heart and nervous system.
As you have seen on examining the nature of creation, everything possible has been done in the evolution of design and growth of living bodies to make a perfectly adapted body to suit the environment to enable the occupier of the body to be comfortable and happy and live without stress. Stress is inimical to health.
It is contrary to the WILL of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
A spontaneous and hearty burst of laughter is first experienced as a rush of rippling consciousness through the head, bringing a lightening of the entire consciousness. This is immediately followed by the physical 'ripple effect' of laughter, experienced as a light beating of breath on the diaphragm to break up any tension and to smooth away any residue of bitterness.
Sometimes laughter in an extremely amusing situation is prolonged to such an extent that the person eventually feels exhausted - but also happy and rather sad that the laughter is finished.
Most people will testify that laughter promotes a feeling of well-being, even if there was discord just a minute earlier. If a person can genuinely laugh, seeing the absurdity of a situation, where there has previously been annoyance or hurt, the tension is released and friendly relationships are restored spontaneously.
Laughter is a gift of love for a creation possessed by, and needing relief from their egos.

As the ego drive gradually relinquishes its hold over your mind and emotions, you will find that laughter bubbles up spontaneously and brings a wonderful feeling of release. The 'ripple effect' of laughter raises your consciousness frequencies of vibration not only because it is energy released where you most need it - over your heart - over your diaphragm, the seat of your emotions but because LAUGHTER is directly of Divine Consciousness.
Therefore, laughter is Divine.

LAUGHTER and your inner child. As you read these Letters and meditate and your levels of frequencies of consciousness vibrations are raised, you will discover that old mental patterns are no longer comfortable in your mind. You will seek ways and means of ejecting them from your consciousness. As you move upwards spiritually and are ever more desirous of unloading unwanted human ego drives, the conflict in your sensibilities will become increasingly burdensome, and you now long and pray for relief. You will find that when you turn to Divine Consciousness and passionately ask for Divine Assistance, the help will surely come. You will successfully get rid of unwanted thoughts and re-actions, and you will then discover that laughter becomes more and more spontaneous.

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Letter 9-15
You will also discover tensions are smoothed away and that you are becoming much lighter in thought, easier in relationships, more caring, much more appreciative, more aware of life itself and all that it has to offer in sight and experience. You will enjoy simple pleasures more, you will be less jaded in appetites, you will need less food, less entertainment, will be more content with your own company, and will eventually begin to rejoice in your own company because DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS will be infusing your human consciousness with Its own exalted State of WELL-BEING.
Little by little you will be returning to your 'child' condition which views the world with happy, enquiring gaze.
This is not senility. It is a state of greater awareness and vibrance no matter what your age may be.
This is the 'state of being' I meant when I said that 'Unless you become as a little child you shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven'. I actually said that when you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you become a little child - a child in wonder and joy.
I have given the world these Letters that those who read and absorb them may eventually enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven' and reach that state of joy which comes of purity of mind and innocence.

If people tell you to enter into 'spiritua l exercises' and 'imagine' certain conditions - be sure that if you fo llow these instructions you will only keep yourself rooted in the material dimension of ego. Imagination has nothing to do with 'spirit'. Imagination is the exercise of your own human consciousness which you should be trying to transcend by entering into higher levels of spiritual consciousness. These levels are not those of imagination but those of 'Rea lity' - regular spiritual levels of frequencies of spiritua l consciousness vibrations. The spiritual frequencies are those of Divine spiritua l consciousness not of earthly mental imagination. Therefore, beware whom you wou ld accept as your teacher.
Only absolute 'Stillness' and 'Silence' of your consciousness will open the door to the entry of Divine Consciousness into your mind and that is what everyone should be seeking. If you are thirsty and you need a drink - why imagine you are beside a lake? Go to the lake itself and take a drink of pure refresh ing water. Again I say, imagination is not spiritual - it is the exercise of your will with in your present level of consciousness.
RACISM For you who have come to understand the truth concerning 'who you rea lly are', I want to ta lk to you about the world-wide concern regarding 'racism'.
I wou ld have you know that this ta lk of RACISM arises on ly out of the ego-drive of those people who have fe lt themselves despised and rejected because of their racial differences. These feelings are rooted so deeply in the 'self that no matter how circumstances may change for them and they may be able to progress in life, even becoming characters of extreme importance on the world stage of life, there always remains the feeling of inadequacy and resentment against the people who first made them feel inferior.
It should be understood that such feelings of inferiority are not unique to black races.
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Letter 9-16
These feelings of 'extreme lowliness' are experienced by the majority of people subjected to the caste system in India, class distinctions in the European culture, and in those countries where 'differences' are made into mountains of separation of one person from another. These painful and undermining feelings of 'lesser status' are experienced even by the so-called exalted personages who are never quite comfortable in their positions of authority.
This feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness is endemic to the human race as a whole, no matter what the position, or race, or education of an individual may be.
The feeling of 'worthlessness' arises to a large extent from the deep, deep awareness of the psyche that ego-behaviour is contrary to the highest principles of human existence. When this natural inbuilt drive of 'unworthiness' is re-inforced by proximity with other apparently more prestigious or successful people, then this natural feeling of inadequacy takes on agonising overtones.
The only means of overcoming the ethnic painful feelings of rejection, even when highly successful, is to reach the clear realisation that if there had not been the kind of ethnic upheavals, removals, arrival of strangers and aliens with their different languages, cultures, educational processes and their subjection of your natural states and modes of living, the various races would not now be occupying the positions of responsibil ity and world ly status as some have achieved at this moment.
Therefore, the on ly healing and life-renewing course of action is to meditate, ponder, reflect, and ask for Divine Light on the subject until you can, in all honesty say: 'Lord - I am sincerely glad and happy that all those terrible things took place. Because of them, I am where I am today, because of them I have been given an opportunity to test and experience the extent of my endurance, intellect, emotions, ta lents. I can measure myself against the achievements of other races - and perhaps continue to learn how to rise still further from my beginnings. I thank You for the strength and inspiration to show my basic equality with everyone else - I send out my thoughts of love and gratitude to those who laid the foundations for my present good all those many, many years ago.' You can also reflect upon the fact that it was inevitable, according to the LAWS of EXISTENCE, that those who were connected with slave trading and other tragic events, or were responsible for handing out pain and torture to other human beings, should return in a future life as a member of the down-trodden races and suffer grievously. When born into black races, it is more than likely these people were vociferous in their demands for equality and humane treatment for black people. Such a person may even have been your great grandfather or father - and you may be wondering why life has treated the 'poor soul' so badly. Alternatively, the 'white people' who manacled the black people and kept them in dungeons, at this time, may still be creating mayhem for other people by occupying the stratum of society of all races which are rebell ing vociferously against the past. It may well be a past which they themselves had helped to bring into being.
IT IS A FACT that people are re-incarnated into different strata of society in different races to enable the soul to learn some meaningful lesson as it journeys upwards towards CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.
Bear in mind the fundamental principle of existence. You, yourselves, create your to-morrows.
You bring into being, also, whatever you need for your upliftment by reaching out for it. Whether you are aware of it or not, as you reach out for an improvement in your life conditions, you are spontaneously reach ing into higher levels of spiritual consciousness.
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Letter 9-17
As I have already told you- the DIVINE WILL is to release creation from stress, and therefore, those lessons needed to take you upward towards Divine Consciousness will come into your experience.
Therefore FORGIVE - for you have no true knowledge of the journey of your soul through many centuries of earthly existence. You have no knowledge of what you, yourself, did in lives gone past.
Forgive the present, forg ive the past and accept that much good has come out of it, learn to bless and love those whom you thought injured you or your ancestors.
And you who presently occupy skins which carry the power of privi lege- consider other races and their problems, and reflect upon the fact that you may, in a future life, occupy an underprivi leged body and come to know, first hand, what it is like to be born with a sense of being a second class citizen. Reflect also on your past lives, ponder what you may or may not have done to bring about your present situation.
The truth about RACISM is this: Every sing le entity under the sun has descended from Divine Consciousness in one way or another. At the very inmost roots of their being, everyone is united in ONENESS.
Therefore, where do the differences lie? They arise out of the development of species, genetics, conditioning, traditional teachings, customs and educational and fam ily habits of re lating with others and the differences in thought patterns.
It is not the colour which divides you. A small child of every race and colour because of its innocence and spontaneity of self-expression will find acceptance in the heart of most adults. It is the CONSCIOUSNESS which divides you and which is felt on every level of your being -for you are all, despite your materialised bodies, CONSCIOUSNESS FORMS expressing consciousness patterns and CONSCIOUSNESS FORMS receiving consciousness patterns from others. The consciousness of each ind ividual is their rea lity - not their skin or appearance - and it is the consciousness of people which either attracts or repulses others.
You can rest assured that you wi ll only overcome your sense of rac ial differences when your mental/emotiona l thought patterns are in sympathy, and when your VALUES by which you choose to live throughout your day, are the same. Until that time comes, it is useless for people to be angry with one another for experiencing racial differences. They are endemic to the human condition.
If you want to be accepted completely into another race, you have to change your va lues, your perceptions, your ideas, modes of living and of relating to others to match everyone else's in that race.
Racia l differences then die a natural death.
If you are not prepared to take on the 'consciousness' of the race you wish to join, then acknowledge, accept and RESPECT with LOVE the differences in consciousness. No one has the right to demand you should ignore the differences.
MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL: Choose the highest standards on offer in the world, work to embrace and use them- and then all skin colours will take on a new and inner beauty which none will be able to resist. All people will then willingly bond in perfect harmony.
Physical appearances of every colour will also change and take on new inner beauty.

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Letter 9-18

When these Letters have been distributed throughout the world and groups of people bond together to live within the spiritual laws of existence, such groups will find they are living harmoniously protected lives, although there may be mayhem going on around them.
Everywhere, those who bond together to learn how to enter - and live within - the Wholeness of Being which I termed the 'Kingdom of Heaven' 2000 years ago, will discover that their circumstances are surely changing.
I urge you to meet together on a Sunday to speak of your many blessings, give sincere wholehearted thanks and raise your minds in praise of That Which has given you Being.
Meditate together to draw Divine Consciousness through your minds into world consciousness that the nature of the Divine may, more and more, imbue the nature of the world psyche with Its own transcendent Love.
Your groups will emit spiritual consciousness energy which will influence mind energies around you.
I would have you remember that the world was not in such a dangerous predicament when the churches, world-wide, met on Sundays to worship God.
Those days are now past. You will not worship God.
You will build up a strong awareness of Divine Consciousness universally present. Its universality and scope of creativity will be ever more firmly entrenched in your minds by means of sincere praise. In the silence and stillness, you will all reach out to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS and invite IT lovingly to take possession of your mind and heart. Thus, little by little will you become unified, and the Divine Consciousness will, more and more, take possession of the world as was Its earliest intention.

There are many who will ask how it is that at the moment of conception, a sou l can be drawn from Divine Consciousness, but the body itself may be used as a vehicle of self-expression in its coming life-span by another sou l, who is ready to re-incarnate.
When a soul is ready to enter earthly conditions on its next span of earthly learning, the sou l is drawn to the parent - or parents - who can offer those conditions which will enable it to take its next necessary step forward in spiritua l evolution. At the moment of conception, the old soul infuses its personal consciousness of past lives and past spiritual progress into the conception process and becomes the soul of the fertilised ovum.
Some mothers are almost immediately aware of an alien consciousness with in them. The new consciousness the mother has received in her womb, sometimes deeply affects the course of her thinking, her pregnancy and state of health. Once the child is born, the mother feels that she has been restored to her normal self. Sensitive mothers frequently experience an awareness of the direction their ch ild's life will take and may think that th is awareness is rea lly born of her own wishes for her baby.
Re-incarnation is not haphazard or without a consistent plan directing its action.
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Letter 9-19
The purpose is always to provide the journeying soul with many entirely different experiences which wi ll en large the soul's hidden store of worldly knowledge. It provides stimulating and necessary changes of scenery and of family and environmenta l personalities, of characteristics drawn from genetics, but always that th in thread of the soul's journey will be buried in the subconscious mind and will surface to influence the present incarnation, although the person may be wholly unaware of it. Therefore, it is possible for characteristics, strong ly held views, or passionate ambitions to be perpetuated from one incarnation to another. Sometimes the ambitions are formulated in one lifetime and on ly brought into a successful manifestation in the next lifetime under entirely different conditions. In such cases, before rebirth, a sou l must wait until the world conditions will further the hidden ambitions of the soul successfully.
If you can imagine a sou l first plunging into a red pond and coming out dyed red and entering life as a red person with all its natural red racia l tendencies, and educated in childhood to live 'red' lives, you will understand that the soul leaves that life with much that is red in his consciousness.
Next he will plunge into a blue pool and he wi ll emerge blue with all the characteristics of blueness - and the life style of blue people. When he leaves the world again, he will have accumulated facets of blue consciousness mixed with the red. And so it goes, life after life, the same soul growing through differing experiences of colours, religions, status, marriages, sexes, countries, politics, until finally, he wakes up to the fact that this is what is happening to him and he decides he is tired of all the various colour combinations - he wants only to ascend into LIGHT. Then his true spiritual journey starts - and gradually, by moving into one life after another, he sheds the red, blue, yellow, green, black, brown, purple accumulated in past lives, until at last, freed of all the illusions and fa lse concepts of past lives, his soul steps out into LIGHT and re-incarnation is no longer necessary. The soul is strong, resourceful, creative - but the individuality of the sou l is still inviolate and he begins to ascend into different levels of spiritual LIGHT beyond the frequencies of vibration of the world.
As I said in this Letter, I am with you always, radiating the TRUTH of BEING in consciousness.
The more you read these Letters, the more you will become aware of my Presence and my Love and through this contact my loving purposes for you will be fulfilled. Only you will be able to break the contact. I am radiating Love no matter how you feel.
I leave you with my LOVE and longing for your speedy journey into Spiritual Light.

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