Laws of Existence

"Since I have diverged, I must now repeat: You can no more escape the most fundamental Laws of Existence regarding your thinking and feeling - sowing and reaping - than you can escape the laws of electromagnetism in your material world, for electromagnetism is the IMPULSE producing the Law of sowing and reaping just as electromagnetism produces form within the fundamental field of energy particles." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 3]

"I was also shown the LAWS OF EXISTENCE controlling the human ability to create new circumstances and environment, relationships, achievement or failure, prosperity or poverty.

  • Whatever man profoundly BELIEVES himself to be, good or bad, that will he become.
  • Whatever man FEARS others will do to him, so will they do.
  • Whatever man HOPES that others will do to him, he must first do to them, since he is then creating a 'consciousness pattern' which will return to bless him to the extent he has blest others.
  • Whatever disease man DREADS so will he become prey to it for he will have created a 'consciousness pattern' of the very thing he least wants to experience.
  • Whatever is sent forth from man's mind and heart - returns to him in due course in some form or another, but remember that like always breeds like. Strongly emotional thoughts are 'consciousness seeds' planted within a man's own orbit of consciousness. These will grow, bearing a like harvest for his reaping.
  • These are the fruits of free will.
  • There is no way that man may escape what he thinks, says or does - for he is born of the Divine Creative Consciousness power and is likewise creative in his imagining.

Those who long for good for themselves must first give it to others. Let their very existence be a blessing to others.
When such people are in harmony with all others, they are then perfectly attuned to the universal

and they are brought into the flow of the Father 'nature' which is growth, protection, nourishment (physical, mental, spiritual) healing, fulfillment of need, within a system of law and order." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 18]

"Gladly, he sat me down on a rock and shared his excellent meat and bread with me. I wondered why he was in such a desolate place and where he had come from. In response to my questioning, he only smiled and seemed not the least surprised when I said I had been in the desert for so many days I had lost count of time. I explained how I was enlightened as to the true nature of the Creator of the world and shown the natural Laws of Existence. He only smiled and nodded." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 20]

"None of you may break the LAWS of EXISTENCE and hope that you may enter into the kingdom of heaven or paradise. Your behaviour has no place beyond the mayhem you are presently bringing on yourselves." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Christ Letters - Letter 4, page 22]

"Until people truly wake up and open their eyes to the full realisation that they are the individualisation of the SOURCE of their BEING which is a combination of PERFECT IMPULSES of Creativity & Love, they will remain attracted to the enticements of materialism, satisfactions of body lusts, and the desire for self-promotion above all others - which ranges from take-overs and strikes in business and industries, and gross disharmonies in relationships to murder, rape and war. Wherever a person exerts his ego over another, angry discords abound.
This is the very first Law of Existence which must be publicised throughout the world." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Christ Letters - Letter 9, page 11]

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