Law of Atomolic Synthesis of Chemical Elements

"Harmonic pitches of atomolity produce association of etheric - atomolic particles to form atoms; the kind of atom is determinable by the pitches employed." Keely, 1893

05/22/19 - Harmonic pitches vibrating in harmony are attractive [See Syntropy] according to the Law of Attraction. [See Bjerknes Effect] Atomolity is an attractive force that according to Keely gives rise to gravity and cohesion. It’s what we would call a binding or bonding force within atoms which brings together the "Etheric - atomolic particles" being of course constituent subatomic particles forming atoms. Are we to assume then that electrons and protons have discrete frequencies. They must also have common frequencies else they would be identified as some other particle. These discrete frequencies then within and electron being in harmony with proton would be mutually attracted. This not unlike any object on the earth being attracted to the earth. That attracting force, operating within the object’s mass, would be mutual and would be an effect of this atomolic attraction force.

"The force which binds the atoms, which controls secreting glands, - Is the same that guides the planets, acting by divine commands." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

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