Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy

Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy
"All oscillating and vibrating coherent aggregates create, in the media in which they are immersed, outwardly propagated concentric waves of alternate condensation and rarefaction, having a period-frequency identical with the pitch of the aggregate."

Scholium: All forms of Transmissive energy can be focused, reflected, refracted, diffracted, transformed, and diminished in intensity inversely as the square of the distance from the originating source." Keely, 1894

The Transmissive vibrations are generally what are studied in orthodox engineering and science. These Transmissive waves are, for instance, the waves seemingly traveling through the air as in music and waves seemingly traveling through solids such as sound through a door being knocked on. Conventionally, the sound source signature and received signature are sometimes considered in science and engineering but not always as coincidents or associated to Transmissive activities. In SVP these three are all connected as One Phenomenon possessing three distinct terms.

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