Light of Reality

FIG. 7 symbolizes the transient, created quantities of divided pairs of units of electric motion which emerge from the vacuum zero universe to manifest its qualities for timed intervals, and are then dissolved into its equilibrium for re-emergence. These seeming quantities are Electricity - Compression - Form - Light - spectrum - Expansion - Sex - Sound - Heat and Motion.

These multiple quantities seem to exist. They appear and disappear to again reappear, to simulate the qualities of life, energy and idea which they seem to be, but are not. This is the 'motion-picture' universe of simulation and illusion which dramatizes the idea of REALITY by electrically projecting the thought-imaged-forms of Mind-Idea upon the imagined-screen of space, which Nature is.

There is no life, energy, knowledge, idea, truth, intelligence or any other quality of Mind or thought, in the motion which man calls matter and substance, and mistakes for reality. It is time that man realizes that there is nothing, whatsoever, in this visible universe but motion, and that REALITY exists only in the vacuum from which motion emerges as heat to simulate the Light of Reality. [Atomic Suicide, page 85]

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