noun: moral excellence or admirableness ("There is much good to be found in people")
noun: that which is good or valuable or useful ("Weigh the good against the bad")
noun: benefit ("For your own good")
adjective: appealing to the mind ("good music")
adjective: agreeable or pleasing ("We all had a good time")
adjective: most suitable or right for a particular purpose ("A good time to plant tomatoes")

"What is good? ... What is creative, what is constructive, ye may ask? That which never hinders, which never makes for the bringing of any harm to others." [Cayce 1206-13]

"Look for good and ye will find it. Search for it, for it is as a pearl of great price." [Cayce 1776-1 ]

"Theosophy, in its abstract meaning, is Divine Wisdom, or the aggregate of the knowledge and wisdom that underlie the Universe - the homogeneity of eternal GOOD; and in its concrete sense it is the sum total of the same as allotted to man by nature, on this earth, and no more." [The Key to Theosophy, by H. P. Blavatsky, 1889]

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